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Here are some new shots from the forest, one shot of the new map “tomb”, a presentation of the TreSoldier and the Tre2 MsicTheme made by Mr.Tom .

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We decided to split the whole modification up into two parts so that we will finish the first part till the last phase of the „Make Something Unreal Contest". Therefore we will try to make the first part perfect before we will start with second part.

The Forest
I worked on the forest a little bit, but most of it was already done last month. There will be two ways to come through the map, but whatever way you will choose will be the wrong way and you'll have to use the other one...


The mapping is pretty good! I find the shrubbery could use some work for a more realistic feel to it.

The model definitely needs some work. A very low res and brushed texture definitely needs some work as well as a fairly low poly model. Overall it's not a bad start but definitely could see much improvement.

Fairly generic but not bad music theme. Until the overall theme comes together the music will remain kinda on its own. GW Mr Tom!

I gots my eye on you.

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unrealer2 Author

Im happy that you like my maps ;)

The TreSoldier has about 21k Polys as LowPoly Object and I do not think that it would be a good idea to give it more. Because I use Blender and not zBrush (which is to expensive and there is no StudentVersion available) I'm very limited with the HighPoly Modelling. Blender cannot work with more than a million faces and because of that i modelled each part of the soldier on it self. In addition to that we are a very small team and I don't want so spend to much time on one thing as we want to finish the first part till August.

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Definitely consider investing in a stronger program for modeling. Z brush is only good if you use it to normal map. It destroys your geometry. Remember UT models are low poly, make high poly, then normal mapped back. They are not as detailed as they look ;D. Also remember the character texture standard for unreal is 2048 X 2048 for the face, and a separate same size for the body (This is what THEY use not saying you have to but just FYI). 3Ds Max and Maya are both great programs to invest in for the modeling side of things.

Whatever you decide, keep it up!

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Very nice indeed! Keep it up and this will look fantastic.

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