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Work is still being done, things being figured out, production gearing up, yet what is going on?

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10 days.
You can do a lot in 10 days.
Working on a mod is one of them.
Yet, not much has happened.

I've been out of contact with Klazenkith for 9 days, and now he's mysteriously removed himself from my dev team. Volcol has pledged his help, and I can understand that he's busy, but I haven't talked to him in two weeks.
But enough of my moping.

The plot has been refined, an environment and backstory has been created, and mapping has begun.

The spaceship map which I have posted pictures of will most likely NOT be in the mod. I am redesigning it in accordance with our new and refined setting.
The Thing has been born, and things (not the Thing) are looking bright.

Chapter Names

Chapter 1: "In and Out"
Chapter 2: "Killing is an Art Form"
Chapter 3: "The Sun Isn't The Only Thing Burning People"
Chapter 4: "Somewhere Only We Know"
Chapter 5: "Subterfuge"
Chapter 6: "Making Them Pay"
Chapter 7: "Biting the Hand that Feeds You"
Chapter 8: "Penultimatum"
Chapter 9: "Happy Birthday, Boss"

As you can see in the summary, Eumbra is now set on Earth and the Moon. Chapters 1, 3, and 4 are set on Earth, 2 and 5 are set on the Moon, and the rest are TBD.

Thank you for your attention, and believe me when I say that I will never let this mod die.
Unless it does.
But it won't.

Thank You!



Ooh. Sounds cool.

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Sounding good, sorry the people arent working with you.

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