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Don't you hate limited character creators? Needing to use a save editor to change your appearance and just hoping your changes look good? Well you don't have to anymore. The Appearance Modification Menu for LE3 is here.

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Appearance Modification Menu is a mod for Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition, AKA LE3. It adds an entirely new interface to customize your character's appearance in game, with a live, rotatable, zoomable preview.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Sc 3 Mass Effect Legendary Edition Sc 1

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Sc 4 Mass Effect Legendary Edition Sc 5

Everything you can do in the vanilla character creator, you can do here, but that is just the start. Add custom hairstyles from other mods, fine tune colors, make your eyes different colors, customize your renegade scars, push face shape sliders past the old limits, add accessories. This mod is jam packed with features. It can also do things you can't even do in the save editor, such as setting parameters per material or overriding the head mesh, enabling things like different colored eyes, different colored scalp and mesh hair, customizing the Iconic Shepard, and many other small things.

Appearance Mod Menu 2.2

Install it using ME3Tweaks Mod Manager (it cannot be installed manually, it will not work), access the armor locker, hit the new button labeled Customize Face and go wild.

Uninstall by removing the DLC mod and restoring SFXGame.pcc from backup in ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Saves modified by this mod may not work if you uninstall this mod. This is true of nearly any mod that adds new appearance content. You have been warned.

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