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I don't want to, but I have no choice but to put Age of Strife on hold.

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In January I started up working on Age of Strife again in a small capacity and made a little headway. I was able to fix a few bugs, complete the simplest of the new maps I was working on and make a good start on one of the larger ones. My intention was to try and ease myself back into doing something creative and hopefully increase my workload over time.

It has unfortunately become apparent that as I am at the moment I can't reliably work on a modding project. Even the small amounts of work I have been doing have proven extremely difficult for me and rather than increasing the amount I've been able to do after a while my schedule has pretty much collapsed. It's hard for me to admit how limited I am right now, but as much as I want to make things all trying to force myself to do so achieves is making me feel even worse when I'm not able to. I've not really done anything useful on the project for several weeks now so I am reluctantly making it official, this project is now on hold for the foreseeable future.

I don't like doing this, I like making things and I've enjoyed knowing that at least a few people have gotten some enjoyment from the mod even in its rough and early stages as it is. I am very grateful for the encouragement I've gotten and very sorry if anyone is disappointed with this announcement. I do hope to come back and work on the mod again when I'm in a state to do so, but I can't honestly say how long that's going to take and don't want to give anyone false impressions about that.

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