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I am to be honest not very good with hammer I do know the basics of it but it is just hard for me to get my head around most of my maps are made with bee mod or the PeTI maker for that reason but to make this mod better do any professional hammer mappers want to help even though I already have someone else helping. Add me on Discord: Crazy Attack371 #6449 or Steam: Crazy Attack371. YT: Crazy Attack371.

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If any good hammer mappers want to help out that would be brilliant because I am not very good with hammer. In the image the logo at the top is no longer the normal Portal 2 logo. The chamber in the image no longer has an energy ball in it and test 00 has been changed slightly you can check out some of these maps on the steam workshop on Portal 2. I am going to try and make some good puzzles soon. If you want to play test this mod you are more than welcome just add me and message me either on Discord or Steam which ever suits you best :).

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Anybody want to help make my maps better and help me with scenes and ambient generics?

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Moddb is not the place for this. If you are posting on moddb, your mod should already have the basics covered alongside a few samples of the general idea of it.

If you want to ask for mapping help or getting better at mapping, there are better places for that. You shouldn't make a moddb page if you also can't at least contribute to your own project (like codding or mapping), if you don't have those skills you can at least join another project.

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