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Very first and also very short article about our main assumptions of antHILL.

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As we have written in the summary we want antHILL to be as simple as it can be. After a year of thinking we have finally came out with an idea of making game based on ants' life. All ants have the same look, but different functions. Few of them are males, a lot of them are warriors or farmers and one of them is a queen. In antHILL we have to make every kind of ant special in the way they look like. We have decided to make our ants a little bit like humans, with ties or helmets. The very special thing about ants and other social insects is their way to communicate each other. They use pheromones. During playing antHILL players will not have to control every ant in their anthill! They will choose one and by moving her with arrows they will left pheromone path to food or water. Other ants like workers or farmers will follow this path by their own, collecting goods for a queen. Ants have to dig their anthill in the ground and this groung will be as random as it can be! Ants can find mushrooms, beetles or other ants underground! Okey then, give as some time and we will give you a great game in return!

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