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Just something to keep the attention to this project on the positive side and knowing it still isn't dead...

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Hey everyone! It has been about a week since our last update and this one is mainly just to make sure you guys know that the project is alive and that it's still developing - though, without much coding work at the moment (Eleandor is on vacation until June 16) it is difficult to make much significant progress. So what have we been doing without any potentially significant coding in the works? Art! Models, textures, and interface art.

New 3d and 2d artwork (models and textures of course!) will be aimed to get things done for the Mulgore/Thunder Bluff and Durotar/Orgrimmar regions. Right now, a Tauren Mailbox and Orgrimmar Tower model (Those huge Watchtowers in the entrance of Orgrimmar) are being created. Texture work is mainly relied on the talented artist, Hawkwing, but we often try to use in-game textures to save space. T-Revellion-T, a new guy to the team with potential artistic abilities, is currently working on a Saurfang character model. However, it's not done enough for me to proudly show off (isn't accurate enough!) to you guys just yet.

As for the interface, Hawkwing notified me that he just completed the Quest Log interface for Wc3:WoW. We can't show it off yet though since it hasn't been implemented into the mod via JASS programming - waiting for the almighty Eleandor to do that - but as soon as we complete the first real quest for Wc3:WoW and when it functions properly in the Quest Log and other small ways, I guarantee you guys will be able to see what it looks like.

The other interface systems are next in line (looting, party, raid, bank, etc.) and have not been started yet, but hopefully this weekend or the next you can expect another cool handy update worth reading.

SCHOOL'S OUT THIS WEEK! That's right. After this Friday, I - the terrainer of Wc3:WoW - will no longer be occupied with school and should (sudden family plans and the pursuit of finding a job this summer will be this summer's obstacles) have plenty of time to start making loads of progress on the terrain of Stormwind, Thunder Bluff, and of course the legendary Horde city of Orgrimmar! Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff will be the two main areas I'll be focusing on since they're already areas that are playable in the BETA - I'm just redoing them entirely! - so it's easy to improve and complete. Stormwind, on the other hand, is last on my list because the human race is not a playable race yet so it'd be wasting valuable time to be honest. What's holding me back from finishing the rest of Orgrimmar is the lack of useful textured models that fit what I see in screenshots and videos of Orgrimmar.

I'm a perfectionist when it comes to replicating terrains, so I am in high-demand of accurately recreated models and textures to fit what I am trying to put in the mod... otherwise I try to find another model and manipulate it in the mod to look sort of like what I want to be there or I just don't do it out of stubborness. To all you talented modelers and texture artists out there who are interested, we can use an extra hand or two. :-)


Man, I can't wait to see this mod!

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I love how my name shows up so much. <3

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Craka_J Author

Keep working on stuff for Wc3:WoW and it'll continue to show up. ;)

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