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Another Chance is now... LIVE! Again... Yay... With new features announced!

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Sorry about the break, ladies and gents, but I have been working on lots of other things on UDK, but I have not actually been working on anything on UDK. But now, ONWARDS!

I have been working on new features for the new game I am working on, including a customizable Ace and enhancing the storyline deeply. Here are a couple teasers:
-Difficulty is now being added
-Over 100 endings (...Yeah. 100 Endings. I almost crapped myself planning the first 20.)
-Over 20 companions
-On easy, your companions are AIs
-Co-Op (On the same screen. Not sure if I can do it online yet)
-The world map is literally 100 times bigger.

I am also getting a new sketch pad for my computer, so there will hopefully be new enemies. Sadly, the sprites will be generated unless I can get someone who can make new sprite sets, but I plan to be doing that last.

Also, I will be releasing the "rough" Adobe Illustrator version of the demon causing the destruction.
Another Chance's "Demon" Teaser Trailer will be released soon, so be prepared.

How things will work:
-Difficulty: Finish game, make 3 exes, make launcher, select difficulty, play.
-All endings will be based on your companions and your choices, I will not say how much ending types there are, but most of them will be Neutral.
-Companions: Simple companion find and switch system. You can kill, scare, or make your allies angry before you recruit them.
-Co-Op: Both players can move on map, but only player 1 can trigger actions, but player 2 can help solve special two player puzzles.
-For the world map, I just made it so massive...

I also plan on releasing a prologue demo for this game, telling the events of what happened before the demon. This will hopefully be done within a month. Once done, it will be released to the public. Once I complete the game, the prologue will be in the splash screen for play.

The demo will include:
-One minigame
-A short quest and a couple of puzzles
-Two boss battles
-4 companions
-And, if I can, Co-op.

This is it for this report from //Drag_Tech's DragYou. Screenshots of demo and world map will be coming soon.

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