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The IndieDB page is up, the BETA is being worked on, and the textures are beautiful. Read this article to understand the nature, story, scenery, and how the over all game should make you feel.

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"The Elvish Wars" is a tale set way back in time to when beasts and monsters roamed the lands. You get to create a character between two races, (Elves and Humans) and depending on which race you choose, it decides which island you start on. This happens because then elves are more adapted to snow and therefore live in snowy lands, as the humans are more adapted to spring like wether and so they live in a grassy area.

The elves and humans are at war, and each side summoned the twelve divines from the world above to send a hero, and that hero is you! Two different stories, two different worlds, thousands of different quests!

Don't feel like a story follower? That is OK! You can go around both worlds freely doing any quests you want! There are thousands of them after all! Some small, some large, some are even to just help get around the world a bit more freely. Anything is possible!

Explore your way!

Achieve your way!

Destroy your way!

Win your way!

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