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I'd like to announce my new project, a game called Killing Horizon. I've also created a much needed new website for my company, Radioactive-Software. The site is located at

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I've created - a much needed new website for Radioactive Software. That is the new location of my homepage, so please update your bookmarks, etc. I will leave this website ( ) online indefinitely because I've had it up for about 13 years, and a lot of stuff links to it. But from now on this page will no longer be updated.

I'd like to announce Killing Horizon which is Radioactive-Software's next game. I have a lot of big plans for the game - and will be self-publishing it. By putting myself in total control of the project, I can assure the players receive the best possible experience! I will post more information about the game, and some early screenshots below!

Killing Horizon is an online hybrid Real-Time Strategy/3rd Person Shooter game where players can fight for control over large battlefields, gathering planetary resources to expand their faction's hold on the planet. There are several gameplay modes in Killing Horizon - ranging from territory control, and resource gathering, to arcade-like Arena Combat modes for honing your killing skills. The game supports up to 64 players-per-game server, and features an advanced order management system where players can issue orders to each other and gain global experience-points for successfully completing them. Instead of having a single commander, the team's orders will basically be determined by the team and players' willing to complete them. The game also features a wide variety of weapons and vehicles you can use to annihilate the enemy!

I'd like to develop Killing Horizon directly with the players. I need YOUR help! I'll be offering a generous "early adoption", "pre order" version of the game, which will allow you instant early access to the project (plus a full version when completed), and allow me to work directly with you to develop the game into exactly what, you, the players want! I'll be posting weekly updates and Developer Journal updates on the progress of the project. I will also post new builds of the game to the early adopters on a near weekly basis. For the latest information please create a Radioactive-Software Account and stay tuned to this webpage for more information!

- Danny Green
CEO / Lead Programmer / Artist, Radioactive-Software

Blackcatstudios - - 4 comments

What engine is this using?

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dgreen02 Author
dgreen02 - - 50 comments

This uses the engine I've written from scratch myself :-)

- Dan

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Blackcatstudios - - 4 comments

Oh my god it looks beautiful you've got some talent I'm really looking forward to this

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Turbo123T3 - - 2 comments

I'm happy you posted about it publicly, makes me feel good about this project. I hope to see you post in more sites. (Maybe go to some news sites and tell them about the game when you have some gameplay to show) though I am sure you are on top of it.

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