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Discover Egz, the very first game made by Lonely Woof with love and passion. Lead your Egz through a growing Universe and help them survive ! Egz will be available soon, on iOS & Android in early 2016.

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"Egz" takes place a few moments before our Universe was created : when there was nothing. Until matter appeared, duplicated and expanded itself, to the point where it eventually became an ideal environment to give birth to the first living beings : the Egz. In this expanding Universe, how did the Egz survived ? And what triggered the famous "Big Bang"?


"Egz" is the unexpected mix between a platformer game and a … mini-golf game. The player controls the Egz so they can reach their safe place. The catch? The Egz can only move by jumping, bouncing and rolling… A simple gesture is needed to aim and jump.


KeyVisual B

screenshot final 1

screenshot final 2

screenshot final 4

screenshot final 3

screenshot final 5

So, just for the background : I used to be an art director in advertising and one day, I decided to stop doing what I used to do in order to realize a childhood dream. After almost two years of fun, headaches, joy, stress, exhaustion, pride... my first video game is almost finished.

The thing is : when I starded doing it, I almost didn't know anything about coding. I only had some basis in... ActionScript 2, which has been stopped being used for a "long" time now.

But one day, at work, we had to make a mobile ad-game for a client. Of course, at the time, I just had to do the conception with my copywriter and do the design. The studio who was working for us told us they were going to use the "Corona SDK" framework. So, in order to know what we could and couldn't do, I decided to watch some youtube videos, test some other games, etc.

That's when I realized I really, really, really wanted to make my own video game and making a mobile game seemed pretty accessible.

So two years later, here I am, finishing my first video game. I already know that I've made a lot of mistakes, starting by the fact that "Egz" is actually too big for a first experience. I should have started with something smaller, easier to do, but now, well... that's too late :)

I know I've already written a lot but I'll just finish by saying that I'm actuall pretty "proud" of myself : I honestly don't know if my game is good or not. It's just that I'm actually making it. Now,t he only thing I really want is to finish it, and being able to say "I've made my own video game".

And I know it sounds stupid, but the first thing I'll do once it will be done is to build a fake box case and put it on my shelf, in the middle of my other video games :) Can't wait !

"Egz" will be release in early 2016, on iOS & Android ! Here are some links if you wanna get more news !

- Website :
- Presskit :
- Email :
- Facebook :
- Twitter :
- Google+ :

copaeci - - 92 comments

this definitely looks cool and very impressive for one man job. well done and good luck for IGF submission :)

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egzgame Author
egzgame - - 2 comments

Well, thanks ! ;)

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