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It's been roughly one whole month since the release of the first official public build of "CrossLust". I'm here today to discuss where the first Beta build will be going from here.

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I have been carefully looking over what needs to be fixed and/or reworked for the series of Beta builds. I don't want to keep everyone completely in the dark however, I do wish to keep most of the plans a surprise. Therefore let's take a look at some of the changes to come!

  • A new and improved build of the game labeled "CrossLust Beta v1" will be publicly available! (Release Date Pending)
  • Removed the cross-wired (haha) alignment system from the game in favor of being able to focus more on the intended story and experience that is to be digested by players
  • Reworking intended current and future Party Members into the main Narrative (I am aware Mitsu is a huge fan favorite and hope the fans continue to love the character well into the Final Release)
  • A Hub area allowing the player to access bonus features and extra content not mentioned prior

These are just a few alterations to the game as of the Beta's current state. As we approach each release I will be taking Player Feedback into account for the newest additions to the builds, thereby updating said features and adding new ones based on said feedback.

Thank you to everyone on IndieDB and other sites for checking the game out so far, I look forward to my continued development on Beta v1 and of course your feedback. Stay safe out there and have a great day!

-Lance Leeder (Lanket)

Brian Kendo Portrait (White Shirt - No Helmet)

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