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These is our first post about the game called "Why?".

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Hi all we are working hard on the game for the past few weeks so we like to announce that in the coming weeks we are going to show you some in-game shots we are also going to release new content and also reveal more info about the gameplay and some hints about the storyline.

We started working on the game about 3 months ago the game will be a fund raiser for a another project that will be bigger.When we started developing the game we weren't sure what engine to use so at first we though about UDK but latter we decided that we need to change the game engine(We changed because of the licensing we think it wasn't suitable for our project ) so we choose FPS Creator Reloaded which we choose because of its features that are going to be implemented i personally have used FPS Creator x9 in the past because of his simplicity and i really liked.So we started creating content for the game creating the storyline,gameplay ideas,concept art and etc.We wanted to add to the game a lot of variety in content not just the same models on every place.

The gameplay.

The gameplay as i said it was inspired from games like Amnesia/Slender and will also feature some elements of psyhological horror.There will be a lot of objectives in the game from finding staff to investigating places or escaping the monster.


About the story i cant reveal very much info(Because we are going to reveal more latter on) except for that the game takes place in Russia and that you are businessman who was kidnaped because of your wealth by criminals and taken in to an abandoned warehouse but after you wake up you find that all are dead and that they were torn apart by an "unknown force".

That it is for now.I deeply apologize for my english.

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