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After substantial work on this improved mod created in 2005. I present the Wolf4SDL version of DOOM Legions of Hell

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I decided this summer (2012), that I would get back into Wolf3D modding. What better way than to fix up the original mod I made when I was just starting with modding. I was hoping to have it done at the end of August, but I have a terrible time judging deadlines. This is either because of heavy workloads or just not any free time.

Comparison to Original

But I am trying my best to finish this by Christmas. I have all of the programming and bugs worked out. All I need to do is play through all of the maps and fix any mistakes that I have made, make sure each level is playable on all difficulties.

I hope to provide a full experience to this game that many probably weren't able to do since the game was slapped together in a quick haste.

I hope you will enjoy, and I will continue to update my progress. (So far I have Episode 1 maps almost completely tested.


Alright, I'm looking forward to the SDL Version coming out.

I was doing a walkthrough on the original and after completing E1M3, the game crashed during the intermission.

Thanks for fixing the bugs and for the Wolf4SDL version coming out.

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treesapthief Author

Well when I made the game, I knew absolutely nothing with programming so it was full of issues. I actually am testing the levels one-by-one numerous times to make sure that they are beatable. Some are really bare, empty, because I just did them and shoved it out. I'm not tweaking the levels too much, just adding little things here and there to make them not impossible, such as "no ammo, no health, no objects to really spice up a room". College work is really slowing down the free time I have, but I'm doing what I can to finish testing and cleaning it up for the end of the year.

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