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In Violent Sol Worlds there are many kinds of animals and each one can react differently to a vehicle.

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How Do Animals React To Vehicles?

In this video you can see that some animals are herding animals that react to a vehicle by moving away from it. They are passive animals that move from the car and as a group for protection in numbers.

You also see there are some creatures that get agitated and will attack the car and you as a player. In both cases ramming an animal will do damage to the animal and the vehicle. A vehicle can be a great defensive weapon but it can only take so much damage before it has to be repaired.

Vehicles will not just be a means of travel, they will be a tactical choice. You will be able to craft them and customize them to fit how you will use them. You will learn how different animals react to your vehicle and you as a player and begin to feel for the world and its inhabitants that you must live among as a settler on your new home.

Please feel free to ask us questions and give us feedback. Thank you for your interest in Violent Sol Worlds.

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