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When Angel Knights will be released as a final version.

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after talking with John and Allen we have come to the conclusion that Angel Knights has come to the finish line, by the end of the week it will be finished, and talk on our next project will begin, john is already working a story for our next game. we are planing on making a zombie survival but this is only a thought. I hope that every one that played Angel Knights had fun.


this is finished.

THIS. is your finished product.

retarded difficulty curve, bugs out the whazoo, a PATCH to change the spawn point of the game from the end to the beginning, NUMEROUS grammar and spelling errors, even though one of your team is labeled "grammar nazi" (he clearly isnt.) and it appears that, after finishing the warehouse adventure, i've been teleported to the kings throne room, and cannot progress any farther.

... did any of you actually playtest this game?

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should i list the number of bugs in order?

1. when you die in the "training area" you dont get healed even a single point, and have to go to the inn. if you even think about entering a battle you immediately lose.
2. if you exit the "training area" at any time, the guy moves back to his original position. he will never move again.
3. fishing does NOTHING. i've had that bobber sit there for over a day now and caught NO fish. as for energy, its nonexistant, even though theres items to restore it.
4. any spelling or grammar error.
6. most of the mob (every day run of the mill) monsters are harder then the bosses.
and finally. 7. i got warped to the kings throne room. the game locked up.

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