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The very first progress report, detailing new level areas and details. Shiny shiny!

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Work has been progressing steadily here with the team. Some minor/major reshuffling has occurred, and now hopefully we will have two character modelers, as well as two prop artists.

For your viewing pleasure, we've uploaded to the gallery some screenshots of the incredibly dark cityscape that serves as the backdrop to the game. It will be visible from a few different locations in the game, each of which offers a different vantage point over the city. Also check out our wonderful rain effect. We're still in very early prototype stags, so thinks like relative contrast and intensity will be adjusted majorly, but for now they are a good indication of the aesthetic.

There's also a nice render of the Detective Special. While the game will not have any player-controlled shooting mechanics, it will be present in some scenes, doing . . . that thing that guns generally do. Chekov would be proud.

That's about it for now. We'll be updating on a regular basis with progress reports, and you can expect the flow of content to increase the closer to our deadline we get.

Stay tuned for more updates!
- The Team

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