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Update, courtesy of Nebraxis. Nothing much else to add.

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Right guys, this here's an update from our Team Leader, Nebraxis. He would post it himself, but he's unable to, for some reason

Okay, so things are progressing nicely with the wiki. I've been working the past few days (yes, I have a day job) so haven't been able to get much work done, but I will be off over the next couple of days and I should be able to put in a few solid hours work.

The rate at which things are progressing on the storyline and lore front means that work on the mod proper can begin, full steam ahead. Which leads me to ask for a favour. If anyone knows the programming side of modding Freelancer, or any modellers that have a few hours free, spare us a thought and consider joining the team. Either perhaps working on the mod, or even teaching the current team members a thing or two in areas that we are lacking.

In return, you get to meet a fun, hardworking team and get yourself a credit on, with some of the ideas I have been having (with valuable input from my team), what I think could potentially be one of the best mods out there, maybe even giving the legendary Discovery a run for it's money. If you feel you can help out, send a PM my way and introduce yourself.

Now, few little updates regarding the mod:

The Alpha will contain four "major" factions. Within these factions will be sub-factions addressing various facets of space going civilization. These factions are:

*United Eden Alliance (UEA): Descendants of an ambitious pioneering endeavour gone awry.
*Technocratic Imperium (TCI): A species not too unlike humans, that because of a devastating epidemic far in their history turned to the machine for salvation
*Sla-Mari: Once a subjugated people, these serpentine beings are finally rediscovering their independence and building a new empire of their own.
*The Borderlands: A wild, lawless frontier with pioneers searching for new homes, settlements just finding their feet and Brigands preying on the weak.

There might also be an appearance or two from upcoming factions that might appear if the mod proves successful, but that's all I'll say about that.

Anyway, thanks for your time and believe me when I say your support and interest in Pegasus means a great deal to all of us at Icarus Development.


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