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Work continues on the Tutorial and Challenges for Made Man Mafia. Today's update improves the layout, adds additional contextual hints for each challenge, and expands the scope of the challenges.

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The tutorial at MMM doesn't really follow conventional wisdom. We find that many game tutorials are too exhaustive and overload the player. So we take a different approach.

No Spoon-feeding.

This tutorial is designed to get you to teach yourself rather than spoon-feed the "correct" thing to do. You're free to explore the game, or ignore the tutorial altogether. You're given a series of sequential goals, and a tip on how to complete each one.

That way, the reward for figuring out your goal feels like it's been earned. Below you can see an example of the type of challenge you'll receive. This is actually the first challenge that new players will see, and it can be completed in about 10 seconds if you know how to click a link and fill in a simple form.

Made Man Mafia Learn challenge 1

The system does get progressively harder, and once you've played at least 5 rounds, you'll gain access to higher level challenges with bigger rewards and more to learn.
This method is fairly innovative in that it takes a late-game mechanic and serves as a tutorial for completing tasks.

Prominent challenges.

We've also added a new section to the main landing page inside the game. The idea here is to encourage engagement with the challenges which may have seemed tucked away before. Placing it in a prominent position should help more people find out how to get started with the game.

MMM New internal landing page

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