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This post goes over why we chose this scenario, our goals and some stuff that we already have.

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Welcome to Broken Country 1936-1939!

Broken Country is a mod for Day of Infamy based on the events of the Spanish Civil War.

  • Broken Country will include two new factions to the game: the Republicans and the Nationalists. Both with new weapons, uniforms, voicelines and more.
  • This project will also include new unique maps and a reworked class system.

Why the Spanish Civil War?

Most people will probably ask themselves this question. We chose this period in history because of its importance and lack of popularity. This conflict wasn't a part of eighter World Wars but it greatly influenced the outcome of World War 2. In terms of politics, the Spanish Civil War influenced most left and right movements of the world. It was also a testing field for new war material used in future conflics, helping with the development of the BlitzKrieg, the evolution of tanks, planes and also machineguns and smgs.

We also thought that the weapon variety would make the mod atractive and since its one of the only few Spanish Civil War mods out there, it's quite an unique idea.

Our goals for a future first release:

  • Adding both Nationalist and Republican armies as playable factions.
    • This includes turning the 9 default playable classes in Day of Infamy into 6 classes with historically correct Spanish equipment, uniforms and voice acting.
  • Including at least 2 or more maps representing some of the most popular battles of the conflict.
  • Mod will be ambiented on the 30s, wich translates into the end of assault rifles and flamethrowers, while keeping automatic guns in smaller quantities compared to Vanilla Day of Infamy.

Due to Historical-Accuracy, most of the fighting will be done with bolt action rifles like it was back in the day.

Some of our stuff:

Here are some of the things that have been done for the mod so far:

Degtyarov DP28

DegtyaryovMG Camera 3 png

Soviet machinegun produced between the 30s and the 40s. It was used in great numbers by the Spanish Republican Army. It uses a 47 round 7,62 x 54 R drum and provides a great firepower while still being relatively light.

Erma EMP35

Erma EMP Camera 2 png

German sub-machinegun exported and copied by all sides. Both 9mm parabellum and 9mm Largo variants saw a lot use and they were adopted in the Francoist Army when the war ended. It uses a 32 round detachable box magazine and it was a very well made firearm for the moment, being extremly rough and reliable.


mt model1

And here's quite a weird gun. The Maxim Tokarev was developed with the purpose of giving the Soviet Army a proper light machinegun during the 20s-30s. It used standart Maxim 1910 parts and was adapted to use a lighter barrel, a folding bipod, better sights and a rifle buttstock. The idea fell appart because the gun was still too heavy and expensive to produce, while having too many parts. Most of them were sold out to Republican Spain and Nationalist China in 1936-1938. It used 100 round belts of 7,62 x 54 R and saw huge action during the Summer 1938 Ebro Offensive.



Vasco is one of our custom maps, it has been done from scratch and portrays the defensive line situated in the Basque region (in Northern Spain) called "The Iron Belt".


This trench and bunker systems were extremly important since they stopped the Nationalist advance towards the main industrial regions of the Republic and saw fierce combat, wich ended with heavy losses for both sides.


The line and its defenders were overrun during the Nationalist 1937 Offensive, wich used coordinated tactics between the Italo-German airforce and rebel infantry.


As I said, that was just a fraction of all our progress. I hope you have enjoyed this first blog about our project. Remember to join our Discord Server and follow us in both Youtube and Twitter.

Stay tunned for future posts!


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