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Text-based games are not something new, but they may be tricky to get into for newcomers. So to better explain how this chat-based MMORPG works, this guide gives a quick glance of what could be the first steps of a new player in Almerge.

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Getting started in Almerge

Before anything, you need to get access to the chat. Any person that joins the site can see the chat, but to get to talk on it you need to either register or join as a guest.

The first thing you will want to learn in Almerge are the starting classes. There are currently 5 different classes available at the start (Warrior, Archer, Mage, Cleric and Assassin), with 10 others unlockable as you progress in the game. To help you decide which class to pick, type /classes in the chat and a brief explanation about each one will be displayed.

Once you decide it, click on the Options button (top-right corner of the page) to choose your class and create your character.
Pick your class
As soon as you confirm it, you should see the following message in the chat:

You spawned at Start!
Welcome to Almerge. To begin your adventure, type /talk instructor and follow his instructions.

First NPC

Great! Your character is created and you are now an Almerge's player!
The next thing you should do is to follow that message's instructions to talk to the first NPC in the game.

Instructor: If you wish to learn the basics about the game, type /talk instructor:tutorial. If you feel you are ready to begin your adventure, type /talk instructor:start.

If you got the message above, then you successfully talked to the NPC. If you want to ask them about a specific topic, write it after the NPC's name (with a colon to separate them). So to ask the Instructor about the Tutorial, you use /talk Instructor:Tutorial. By doing that, the Instructor will tell you the main actions you can execute (you may need to scroll the message box, but it's highly recommended that you read everything).

Once you finish reading the instructions, you can then go to the actual game world. To do so, talk to the Instructor once again and ask him to Start. He will then give you basic gears and send you to Lunar Town.

Instructor: So you are ready? Then take these items with you, and good luck on your adventure!
You received 1 Cardboard Sword, 1 Cardboard Mail, 1 Cardboard Headband, 1 Cardboard Shield, 1 Cardboard Shoes, 50 Potion(s) and 1 Warrior Emblem!
You moved to Lunar Town!
Greenery, fresh air and lots of farms and animals can be found around this small rural town.

From this point on, you can freely explore the world.

Walking and Battling

Let's begin by looking for an easy monster to battle. Type /walk to see where you are and the places you can go to. The place we want to go is Lunar Grounds, so type /walk Lunar Grounds.

You moved to Lunar Grounds!
You see lots of mechanical monster-shaped dolls walking around. There's a sign saying 'Only for adventurers of level 4 or less'.
From here, you can go to [1] Lunar Town (lunar town)

And that's how you change locations! You can only move to a location near to the one you are currently at, and some places may have requirements like level or items.

Now that you are here, let's experiment a battle. The most common way to find a monster is to explore the current location, which can be done with /explore. There's a small chance you find nothing when using that command, but most of the time (at least on this location), what you will see is something like this:

Battle occurs in the battle log window

Battles in Almerge are turn-based and automatic. For example, this battle lasted for 3 turns, with both the guest player and the Monster Doll attacking once each turn, and finished when the Monster Doll's HP was down to 0.

A battle between guest479 vs. Monster Doll (Lv.1) has started!

Turn: 1
guest479 attacks Monster Doll (Lv.1)! Monster Doll (Lv.1) evaded!
Monster Doll (Lv.1) attacks guest479! guest479 (-2 HP)!
⇛ Monster Doll (Lv.1) (24 HP, 6 MP)
⇛ guest479 (31 HP, 6 MP)

Turn: 2
guest479 attacks Monster Doll (Lv.1)! Monster Doll (Lv.1) (-16 HP)!
Monster Doll (Lv.1) attacks guest479! guest479 evaded!
⇛ Monster Doll (Lv.1) (8 HP, 6 MP)
⇛ guest479 (31 HP, 6 MP)

Turn: 3
guest479 attacks Monster Doll (Lv.1)! Monster Doll (Lv.1) (-16 HP)!
Monster Doll (Lv.1) was defeated!
⇛ 1 Dead Monster
⇛ guest479 (31 HP, 6 MP)
guest479 defeated Monster Doll (Lv.1)!

You received 2 Exp. Points and 1 Gold!

Try a few battles to see them in action. If you eventually get defeated, you will need to use /revive to go back to your spawn point, and then /walk back to the Lunar Grounds.

Status and Equipment

To make your battles easier, you can equip your gears to get some bonus. You can check your status with /status.


To equip gears, first type /items and click the Equipable Items tab. You should see this:


Then use /item GearName. For example, if you type /item Cardboard Headband

Cardboard Headband equipped!

If you check your /status again, you should notice you got a few bonus.

Whenever you level up, you receive a few Stat Points. Those can be used to permanently increase one of your attributes, like Strength or Defense.
To do that, check how many Stat Points you have at /status, and then use /increase to distribute them into one of your stats (HP, Mana, Strength, Defense, Speed, Dexterity or Magic). Example: /increase defense results into this:

Defense increased to 7!

Quests and Items

Next, let's find a simple quest. If you use /talk on Lunar Grounds, you will notice there's a Guard there. Try talking to him, and then ask him for some help (/talk Guard:Help):

Guard: So you need help to beat these dolls? Sorry, I can't help you in battle, but you can always call a friend to form a party and fight together. If you defeat 8 of those dolls, I can at least give you some small reward!
You need to defeat 8 Monster Doll (Lv.1)(s).

Now use /explore to find more Monster Dolls to battle until you defeat 8 of them. Once you finish the task, talk to the Guard and ask for help once again.

Guard: Oh, so you defeated 8 of those dolls? Here, I will give you these to help in battle, but only this time!
You received 15 Potion(s), 15 Ether(s) and 8 Purple Drink(s)!

He will give you a nice reward, but only once.

If your HP is low, you can use those Potions to restore it. Use /item Potion and you will get this

You drank a Potion and restored 20 HP!

Be careful because you cannot use items while battling. If your HP gets too low during a battle, you can use /flee to run away:

You will flee the battle at the end of the turn!

Turn: 2
guest479 attacks Monster Doll (Lv.1)! Monster Doll (Lv.1) evaded!
Monster Doll (Lv.1) attacks guest479! guest479 (-4 HP)!
⇛ Monster Doll (Lv.1) (24 HP, 6 MP)
⇛ guest479 (58 HP, 6 MP)
guest479 ran away!

Planning your Battles

Battles can be more exciting than simply using a normal attack. You can use /skills to check the skills you have learned or can learn.


Those are the skills you have available. The [0/5] indicates the skill level you have learned (skills in the Class-bound tab don't need to be learned).
You receive one Skill Point every time you level up. Use those Skill Points to increase the level of a skill with /increase SkillName. For example, if you type /increase Bash you should get this:

You increased your Bash skill to level 1!

To use those skills, you need to add them to your Battle Plan. The Battle Plan defines which skill you will using during each turn, based on a chance.
By default, your Battle Plan is only using Attack. Let's change that so you also uses the Bash and Rest skills by using /plan SkillName1:Chance*SkillName2:Chance. Example:

/plan attack:50*bash:30*rest:20

Your strategy was set to Attack [50.00%], Bash [30.00%], Rest [20.00%]!

Great, now the chance of you using a normal Attack is only 50%, with Bash and Rest having the other 50%. Try to /explore for a battle now to see the different skills being used.

Other than skills, you can also add some items to your battle plan. To do that, use ~Item instead of the Skill name. For example:

/plan attack:50*bash:20*rest:20*~potion:10

Your strategy was set to Attack [50.00%], Bash [20.00%], Rest [20.00%], Potion [10.00%]!

Only items that appear on the Battle Items tab can be added to the Battle Plan.

Passive Skills cannot be added to the Plan. To use them, you need to activate them with /passive skill1:skill2. Example:

/passive prudence

Your current passive skills are Prudence (Lv. 1)!

You can set up to 3 Passive Skills.


You know have the basic knowledge about how to play Almerge. From here, you can do things like going to Lunar Inn and talking to the Owner to fully restore your HP and Mana, going to the Shop to buy new gears and potions, walking outside the town to explore some dungeons or simply interact with other players in the chat.
If you want to learn more, try typing /commands and try each of them for more features.

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