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In summery, the RitualPixels project has been cancelled due to the project files and backups being lost in a computer crash.

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Hello lads...

It brings me great disappointment to say that RitualPixels has been cancelled due to the fact that both the main and backup project files and assets where lost in a unexpected computer crash.

The PC in question cant get past the auto-repair area, however, it does have a DOS console and after searching through said console it was discovered that not only were the main files and assets lost, but also the external drive which was plugged in at the time, containing the backup, was compromised.

Thus, due to this obvious issue, well there is still a chance that when the computer is taken in, whomever repairs it could potentially be able to restore the data, the hard decision was made to simply drop the project all together.

Apologies for this failure on my part, more will be done in this respect with any future projects I develop. Till then let this be a reminder to all on the ever nagged importance of file backups, as these things really do popup out of nowhere, no warning, no mercy what-so-ever.


Good-bye RitualPixels, we barely knew you...

Till next time(as in a future project), thank you for reading.

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