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It is based after the portal ending in Amnesia the dark descent.

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Through the portal is a magnificent mod. It's based after the Amnesia the dark descent portal ending. Try It out it's awesome!!!!!!!! Find it on"". You must try it out or if you have played it it you are AWESOME!!!!! So play it. For me it was enjoyable and remember you must have 1.2 patch for Amnesia to play this custom story and if you dont have 1.2 patch for Amnesia watch a youtube video on it. My favorite youtube video on it is the one with PewDiePie on it. PewDiePie has some videos playing it and PewDiePie did complete the through the portal mod. If you have the Amnesia 1.2 patch it's worth it to play and I dont know if it is a conversion because I dont remember if it is a coversion or not and if you are not sure if you can install through the portal watch a youtube video on it. Sorry for my Minecraft picture. :)

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