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Hi everyone, New custom story for Amnesia: The dark descent, called "Get out alive" is now available. As I´m new to moddb and have absolutely no clue on what am I doing, I most probably uploaded it to wrong section so I just wanna let you know. Read more for the important stuff.

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This is first part of my project. Not very long, not very nice - forget the "rainbow and sugar" thingy. All hell is gonna brake loose...

Can be found at:

Thanks everyone for trying out and apologies for possible misunderstandings, anger or fear, that this new might have awaken in you. If I screwed myself even more with this "article", I didn´t mean to, but I am total newbie and need to get used to all the stuff going on here.
Will try to improve my moddb skills.
See you (hopefully with all things set right) later!
Thanks for patience and your possible helpfulness.

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