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A port of Amerika the Beautiful to ECWolf, requires Wolfenstein 3D 1.4 and the latest dev version of ECWolf

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Your name is Lt. Michael F. Blazkowicz, and you come from a long line of military heroes. Your grandfather, William "B.J." Blazkowicz, helped the Allies defeat the Nazis back in World War II, and your father, William Jr., fought against the communists in Vietnam. When the Gulf War broke out, it was your turn to serve your country, and you proudly carried on the fight for freedom.

Now you're back home with your wife, son and daughter, enjoying the tranquility of peacetime. But soon, trouble begins to brew anew, and this time the threat doesn't come from any foreign agent, but from some of your own army buddies. They, along with other armed forces personnel all across the country, have formed a secret Neo-Nazi, white supremacist organization, amassed an arsenal of stolen weapons and equipment, and plotted a war that will begin with the terrorist bombing of various government buildings. Can you stop the same evil your ancestors fought against from happening on your very own home soil?

This is a compatibility patch for the Mac Wolf3D Scenario "Amerika the Beautiful" Using a modified version of the original mod, and ECWolf's ability to use pk3 files, I have made this classic mod able to be used with ECWolf. Not only that, this allows you to use the PC Wolfenstein files rather than the Mac Wolf files. For the first time, enjoy this awesome mod with a PC or modern Mac.


1. Download
2. Extract "" to your ECWolf folder
3. Make sure all files with extension .WL6 are either in your ECWolf or global ECWolf folder
4. Run "ecwolf --file amerika_data.bin amerika_fix_PC.pk3"
5. Play

Different missile and flamethrower sprites
Sounds may be out of order, due to guessing
Text from Tech Demo by Executor, all other extra graphics by AstroCreep
Originally by Laz Rojas and converted by AstroCreep

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