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Go into dead people zone, survive, search and rescue your wife Zoye before you are dead or your wife is dead.

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From games and television shows to movies and comics, it’s clear as day we’re all hooked on Zombies. Love it or hate it, this craze has no end in sight. Are you infected like the rest of us? Then this Android game is just for you!

It’s often hard to recapture what made zombies scary in the first place. Yet American Zombies City, while taking many design cues from Valve’s PC and console mega hit Left 4 Dead, still manages to unsettle thanks to one, essential, ingredient – atmosphere.

With a simple introductory backstory at the beginning the game drops you directly into the dead zone. The story is something like this; an experiment in a distant city went wrong changing every living human into living dead, hungry for human flesh. A player which is named Moody not only have to survive in this dead zone but also have to find his soul mate, his life in the doomed city full of dangerous zombies.

Graphically this horror zombie game looks very good for a freemium downloadable type. The environment created for this game is so horrified with plenty of blood and gore something zombie fans will love. Horrifying creatures present at different location in the dormant form. Background music and sound effects used including the growling sounds of the zombies and their dying sounds as well made the game-play more horrified.

It is a hybrid game and the player movement is controlled by the on-screen joystick located in bottom left corner of the screen and at the bottom right corner there are multiple buttons with multiple purpose, like user can roll down with the roll button if got surrounded by large number of zombies and a single action button can be used to pick up the weapons and a fire button to fire at the zombies to kill them before they bit you. A map of the city zone is provided in the top-left corner through the player can know where the items like guns to pick up and where are the zombies.

There are total of 6 zones, each zone has its number of zombies to be killed in order to progress to the next zone. Once all of the zombies in a zone are killed a gate to the next zone is opened so that the player can enter into another zone.

After playing the whole game my final words about the game are – It’s horrified and interesting but the game-play is short. And frankly speaking if the developers made the game-play a little longer I would enjoy the game more.

The game can be download from GooglePlay

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