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Alpha5.5 is here. Not as full bodied as I would have liked, but still a huge increase of content, including everything from the failed patches, 5.5 Should make your apocalyptic Christmas merry and bright! Enjoy!

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Alpha5.5 aka Christmas PipBoy

Alpha5.5 Christmas PipBoy


So it is that time of year to break out the decorations and celebrate the baby Jesus!

If that is not enough to warm your heart and cheer your soul then fear not!

The Vault DEV Team are proud to present you with your very own Christmas present.


What's The Big Deal?

185px BOS logo gold

There's a butt tonne of stuff! That's the big deal!!!


Stability Fixes and Bug Fixes:

The Mega Modder returned and fixed a bunch of issues in about a day!!

2 New Factions:

The Legion and New Vegas

Hail Caesar!Mr. House

A New Specialist Roster:

19 Specialists

Specialists Galore

New Building Stats:

Buildings have new Specialist slots

Reworked Civics:

Cut Down Civic Stats, as well as a test of the New Civic Levelling System Using DynTraits(Pre-A6 Content)

New Concept Content For the Pedia:

Many Rules and Concepts Explained (Hopefully!)

Tweaks to Many Units Stats and Strategy Text

Lots of Cosmetic Tweaks:

Text String Changes, DoM Text, Unit Graphics.

New Intro Video:

This First one is a test, more will follow in the future

New Sound:

New Menu Music, New Audio for Faction Units

Story Event Prototype:

Hopefully working properly now, although it now works with a slightly bodgy system of buildings as the prereqevent trigger still does not seem to work properly.

New Difficulty Setting Wasteland:

Removed Unsupported Difficulties

That Might be Everything...

Still Pretty Damn Good Right?


We Need Help!

As ever we are still looking for people to join The Vault DEV Team at all levels, from technical to creative and from No Skill upwards!

Sign up and join the conversation at our main forum:

FTTW Forum

Alpha 5.5 Christmas PipBoy Build

Alpha5.5 Christmas PipBoy

Merry Christmas and see you in the Wasteland!

bowdown2q - - 2 comments

Whyyyyy does every build of this crash while loading? This one doesn't even give an error message, just crashes to desktop while loading the mod.

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FamousSpear Author
FamousSpear - - 503 comments

This is an ongoing and confusing issue, as it doesn't always crash and doesn't crash for everyone. Also when it does crash the reason seems to be different.

One person has suggested that using a 32-bit compatability setting works.

Or you can download the latest version from sourceforge, to see if any of the latest changes resolve the issue.

We will be putting out another patch soon, but I am ill at the moment.

you need the .dll file and download snapshot from the code section.

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