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hello everyone! I have some good news, development of map 5 (c1a2a is going very well and faster then i thought! No release date yet but i think i can finish it in less then two weeks! Bellow is picture of the orignial mod that in some place had a minute maid and coca cola machine, well i decided that i will bring them in alpha zero! pictures are right under!

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So here you can see the old version of thoses machine in the first pictures! Second pictures is the actual models that will be used in the game! The button are still vanilla and can too, but dont worry i will do a propper button and can for theses machine, but latter in developmement! (When this map release, theses textures will be included) The coca cola machine is ported from gmod and the minute maid machine has been made by my friend DWBoyGamer, Huge thansk to him! i also want to clear somethings out! Stop asking me to add guns or npcs from the alpha, i really wanted to do it, but its just impossible to do that without black-mesa source code! And no they wont give it to uss i already asked. So this mod will be a recreation of the alpha maps with bm guns, npcs and assets! Also keep in mind the picture area from the machine are still a work in progress! I also have some extra pictures from my hammer (also work in progress)

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Theses textures and models of the machines arent final btw, i will add proper can and button to the minute maid machine, and also propper glow!
They are for testing purpose for the moment!

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