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New Year Events, new chat interface, New weapons, New premium weapons, New avatars, Referral system, new rewards system, Quests, Fixes.

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Lost Sector Online development team congratulates all the players on the upcoming holidays and wishes all the best for the New Year!

New Year Events
• During the period from 29th December to 5th January 2014 the Christmas tree was decorated on the peaceful locations.
• As part of the New Year quest the boxes with a festive mood will appear in every battle.
• The Santa Claus is already selling unique stuff on all peaceful locations.
• Special offer: everyone who plans to celebrate the New Year in the game will be awarded with a medal “Meet the New Year 2014”.


The chat was completely redesigned:
• There is a new possibility to open all channels (including private) in separate tabs.
• Some channels (e. g. group, clan, private messages) have their special colors now.
• The number of saved messages is increased to 250.
• The whole chat structure was optimized.

New weapons

• The pistol mk23. 9th level, Glock class. With enhanced accuracy.
• The sub-machine gun KRISS Vector. 10th level, P90 class. With enhanced burst fire damage.
Available in drop, craft and rental shop.

New premium weapons

• The machine gun PKM. 6th level, M60 class. With enhanced damage, mobility, accuracy and large magazine.
• The sniper rifle SR25. 10th level, SVD class. With modernized minimum weapon radius, enhanced damage, mobility and the biggest magazine of all sniper rifles in the Lost Sector.Available at Santa Claus (for platinum), in John Smith’s shop and in craft and rental shop.
Limited sale!
• The jet flame thrower M202A2 (launcher). 4 missiles with napalm in the same housing, causing fire damage and leaving flaming crater!Available only at Santa Claus till 12th January!

New avatars

• New helmets “Sweeper” and “Marauder”.
• New cap “Ushanka”, season winter 2014 (limited sale till 12th January!)Available at Santa Claus.

Referral system – earn some platinum!

Starting with this update we introduce you a new referral system. Now you can invite your friends into the game Lost Sector and get bonus for this. The invited person will become extra container with medicines from Adam after finishing his quest, and you will get platinum:
• 10 platinum when the invited person reaches 5th level;
• 50 platinum when the invited person reaches 10th level;
• 100 platinum when the invited person reaches 1st prestige level (available from 15th level).
Everyone who invites other persons into the game gets platinum bonus. The button “Invite a friend” is in the main menu of the game.
New award counting system in the battle
The system is absolutely new. Some new awards are similar to the old ones, some are completely different. Many new aspects influence the game now and all of them are seen in the summary table. You see now what an award results from.Special features: more credits in PvP. Some guaranteed amount of credits in any case of loss in the battle. The reward for mass battles is increased. The reward for protracted battles is increased. One gets the reward also for damage higher than for frag. The reward increases with the level. One gets heavy fine for killing a teammate or himself. New players become more experience fighting with advanced players even in case of the loss (ranking system). Battle Points depends on the rank of the opponent and on the victory, not on the battle process.

• New quest “Detonator”: there is some information about weapons shipping for the prisoners. You have to destroy the shipment before it gets around the city. Put C4 and that will be that!
• The reward in the quest “Food stocks” is increased.
• The quest “Easy Work”. The squad button doesn’t block after finishing the quest. The reward is increased.
• The raid “Cops killer” was corrected. The killing of the boss with melee weapon counts now.
Weapon changes
• Desert Eagle: level 8->10
• M4A1: aiming damage 58-77 -> 60-79
• VSS: aiming damage 63-84 ->65-86
• M79 GL: grenades in the cage 3->1, reserve 6->8, reloading 30->20, action points for attack 45->35
• PvP and arena: the battle level range was narrowed (considering rank).
• The "Blind defense" fine substitution for dazzle grenade was fixed.
• The “fast hands” bonus with the use of mines was fixed.
• The negative values in the damage counter were fixed.
• The way pointers into the objects “East checkpoint” and “Depot” were fixed.
• The reloading sounds of most weapons were upgraded.
• Some bands got additional uniforms (caps).

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