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New mobs look. New skills. Combat interface improoved. New quests. PvP matchmaking improoved. Rebalance.

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Freaks have a new look now. They attack an engineer on the screenshot below (the new "civilian" type of mobs).

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Note: Due to the update that affects classes and skills, all the characters on the server have received a free reset to Recruit class and all the equipped items have been put in the inventory.

Class system
17 new skills distributed among the classes have been added. Each of the new skills can be selected on the 8th, 10th and 12th level. Pairs skills from last update are available at 6th level now.
Most skills are conditional, meaning they give bonuses only in some special situations and require an unconventional approach. Almost every skill uses a new mechanic, which is new to the world of LS.
For example:
• Increase of accuracy in a sitting position or for every attack in a turn.
• Increase of chance to deal critical damage when shooting on a target below or when attacking using the last APs.
• Bonus to the whole team for killing enemies, teammates’ death or receiving damage.
• Immunity to critical strikes or death blow.

Combat interface
• A new information panel about the soldier that provides information about ally's and enemy’s mercenaries in battle has been added. It displays information about the class, level, active skills, effects, some of the statistics and equipment.
• A new system to display effects has been added. Now effects are displayed not through text but through icons above characters. If you place the cursor on the same icon on the panel below you will see the information about the effect.
• Characters hidden behind obstacles have highlighted silhouettes.

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New contracts
• "Technical difficulties"- In one of the sectors a group of engineers was attacked by a gang of collectors. We need to get these guys out if any of them is still alive!
• "Food stocks"- Anarchists managed to rob our truck with products again. We have to return stolen stuff or people will not get their rations.
• "Big Brother"- To keep control of the city we have to install video cameras in the streets and on industrial objects. Big Brother is watching you!
• Raid: "CopKiller"- Cons have a new leader now. No one knows his real name but he has the alias CopKiller. Not by chance as he announced the hunt for the police force and pays his scumbags, in Rebis, for the bodies of our guys on the Department`s porch. You have to take this bastard alive. I have a special punishment for him.
• "Rebis deliveries"- Gangs attack our medics delivering rebis to soldiers. We cannot afford to lose such valuable goods.
• Raid: "The Ghost"- G.H.O.S.T. - GHOST- one of the most promising developments of the government, created in the last year of the war. Using powerful generators the system creates energetic copies of the soldier who manages it. They cannot be killed, you can only suspend them for a while by destroying the power generator. There is information that a prototype of the system appeared in the ranks of the Alliance. It is controlled by one of the warlords who took the name Ghost. If you don`t stop him all the power in the city will belong to the Alliance soon.
• "Iron patrol"- Connection with the patrol droids in the Industrial sector has been lost. Perhaps it is the work of one of the gangs hunting in the area. We need to find the droids and bring them back to operational condition until they are destroyed.
• "Lost trophy"- Jack's trophy weapon is gone. He will need your help to bring back the barrel!

To obtain the pass to the police station you'll need to perform 8 contracts from Jack (only for new players who have not opened the police station yet).

PvP matchmaking
New players to PvP who have not reached the 4th rank receive additional defense in matchmaking against experienced opponents. This bonus is 2% of the total resistance per unit rank if the average rank of command differs by 5 or more. Do not be afraid to start!
Team members no longer receive hp compensation in matchmaking. The group is the advantage.
Mercenaries receive 6th level after getting of prestige (was 4th).

Weapons and items

Melee weapons have been redistributed by the levels:
• Wrench: level 1, AP 50->40, mobility 90 ->95
• Bat: level 2, damage 37-76 ->43-78
• Forcer: level 2->3, mobility 90->85
• Combat knife: level 1->5, damage 22-57->24->58
• Machete: level 3->6, requires skill now
• Axe: level 4->7, requires skill now
• Police baton: damage 39-66->37-60

• "Attack power" statistic parameter no longer affects melee weapons.
• The drug "Antistun" grants immunity to shock from electric batons.

Critical damage
• Along with the introduction of conditional and active skills that increase the critical strike chance, critical damage multiplier is reduced to 150%. Scout has access to a skill that increases it to 200 %. Skill that raises scout’s and commando’s static critical attack chance is increased to 2/5/10/15% at appropriate levels.
• Critical damage multiplier is displayed in inventory.

• "Light Armor" loses armor 10%->15%
• "Heavy armor" loses mobility 10%->15%
• "Tactical assessment" gives a greater minus to resistance 25%->30%
• Support’s resistance bonuses have been decreased to 5/6/7 levels and enhanced.
• The prices of many skills have been changed.

Other changes
• Skill’s reset book drop chance was added to the daily bonus.
• Split mode of loot in the party is "in turn with share" by default now.
• It is possible to move targets close to barrier for melee weapon testing at the shooting range.

• Stairs and eaves were removed from the location Warehouses. Now the map has only one gaming floor.
• Bug fixing on other locations following the reports from players and testers.

Fixes and improvements
• Assessment accuracy of the affected area edge from explosions has been increased. The error that could have been the cause of dealing 0 damage to targets that were in the area of effect has been fixed.
• Aiming/choosing of units through the bags have been increased.
• Display of skills in the events where the characters appear in the middle of a fight has been fixed.
• Grenades throwing and RPG firing on the locations enclosed by a roof have been fixed.
• Stuck melee mobs on stairs has been fixed.
• A bug which stated gray stuff +10 was considered as white stuff, as well as having no discounts with level and skills has been fixed.
• Text wrapping in the special services tip box has been fixed.
• Display of the item in the chat on click from warehouse has been fixed.

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