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We had our first basic alpha test last night. Plus other news!

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Last night we had our first basic alpha test, done by the latest voice cast member, Benjamin Irvine, who is performing one of the player voice packs (the crazy one!). While he did find a couple of imperfections, the game ran smoothly and fast, he found some great items, made good use of the inventory and scroll system, and gave the combat system a real thrashing. Then, however, an ogre found him, and the ogre thrashed him back, leaving him a bloody pile of mincemeat on the ground. In his defense, however, he had just gotten out of a fight with two minotaurs and had used up all of his health potions and healing scrolls.

Rule #1 of Malevolence - When you see an ogre, RUN
Rule #2 of Malevolence - No really... RUN!

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