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We now have a working game, and a large(ish) shipline. Needs moar testers.

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Right, as you may know if you've been following us on the website, we now have a working shipline, and about 6 working systems, although only a few are actually completely finished.

The Sla-Mari shipline is currently ingame, and working, and we're just putting the finishing touches on them (weapons, shields, etc). We'd like to invite members of the public (yes, that means you) to alpha test these ships, and give some feedback as to how they handle, how well you think they're designed, what you'd like to change about them, and possibly a review that we can use on our wiki.

If you're interested, have a gander at our website and sign yourself up for the test. If you have Skype, then drop myself or Nebraxis a PM, and if you don't, then we may be able to work through a different messaging platform (or you could always download Skype :3).

See you around


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