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The Alpha of the H.O.T.D. mod has now been released.

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I released the alpha of the H.O.T.D. a couple of days ago and here I will tell you what it features and where to put it.

For all of you who arent familar with mods fro mount and blade, you head into the modules folder and paste, copy, move the H.O.T.D. folder into there and then load up the launcher and select H.O.T.D. Simple as that.

Here is what the alpha features, a party of zombies running around the map using clothing from the school. The units are as follows:
Zombie Teacher
Zombie School Girl
Zombie School Boy
Zombie School Girl PE
Zombie School Boy PE

There is only one teacher in any group og the zombies. The weapons are as follows:
Mop Pole
Meat Cleaver
A Pencil
Ghurka Knife
Nokia Phone
Modern Hand Axe (Also Cartoon Variant)
Hypodermic Needle
Butcher Knife
Baseball Bat
Combat Knife
Saeko's Katana
Medical Pole
Wooden Sword
Scoped Mossberg 500
Paitent Medical Pole
Monkey Wrench
Cleaning Mop
Protester Sign
Pocket Knife

Zombie School Girl Outfit
Black Guy out of 4th Episode
Male School Uniform
Male School Unifrom Towel Variant
Zombie School Girl PE Outfit
Zombie Teacher Outfit
Male School PE Uniform
Takashi Outfit
Police Outfit
Red Cross Rookie Outfits
Red Cross Leader Outfits
Bandaged Thug
Chef Thug
Hooded Thug
Police Officer Outfit
Police Outfit Straps Variant
Mr Shinto's Costume
Protest Leader Outfit
Business Suit
Hooded Protester
Woman Protester
School Nurse Outfit

Food Items: Please note that the items are there but do not boost any morale, I havent got around to that part yet.

Ritz Crackers
Uncle Bens Rice
Japanese Biscuits
Japanese Curry Sauce Mix
Japanese Curry
Japanese Noodles
Japanese Rice

Note: For images of some items featured in the alpha see the thumbnails at the summary.

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