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News on the development of the Winds of war modification, the open alpha is almost here.

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Alpha V0.1 coming soon!

ETA: just a few days away

So, I decided on an open alpha versión of the mod in order to get some needed feedback from you guys, however notice please that this is a very early versión, so there will be bugs and problems, that said lets see what this alpha 0.1 comes with.


.PLA, Indonesian marine corp and USMC factions along with their basic weapons.

.Two PLA vehicles, the ZBD-04 IFV and the ZBL-09 APC.

.Two USMC vehicles, the LAV-25 and HMMWV light armored car.

.Basic types of infantry for this factions.(advanced types of infantry will be available in alpha 0.2)

.Showcase of an amphibious landing along with some Spec Ops op.

.Map of the island of Palawan in the Philipines.(2500x1000 map)

.Weight and Body armor system.

So, as I post this Im beginning work on alpha v0.2 and giving a finish touch to this alpha, so it will be ready to go really soon, probably in one week if there arent any setbacks(personal life and all that)

Features Im working in for alpha v0.2

.US Army faction(1st armored división units only)

.Syrian Arab army faction(rebel factions and ISIS will come later)

.ATGM system of my own.

.Jtac and CAS.

.New vehicles for the PLA including ZTZ-96 MBT, PLZ-05 Artillery and others.

.New vehicles for the USMC including M1A1 MBT, A-10 and HMMWV variants.

.Advanced types of infantry( including heavy snipers, grenadiers, AA and AT Specialists and JTAC)

.Showcase of CAS.

Hope you like it the Dev team


Got any pics of The stuff in the mod like humvee

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