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Hello everyone, today is the first playable version of the game. You can finish the game without worries, the final boss is available, and you have all the content available (to date). Good game to all!

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Hello everyone, today here is a small summary of the month and the downloadable version of the game to version 1.1 Alpha

Alpha 1.1 Download Page

We will not wait to talk about the Alpha version 1.1 released today :

Here are all the integrated functionality to this Alpha :

  • Create and complete change of your ship
  • Opportunity to explore all the planets (except the Sun)
  • The story mode is "activated" the game to an end with his final boss. (Good luck to kill lol ...)
  • The game to its core functions active and you can enjoy the carefree play.

We will now talk about news made since the latest patch notes :

  • The story system is now "operational" is you can complete the game by killing the final boss if you wish.
  • A significant number of bugs have been fixed for a stable version of the Alpha 1.1
  • The backup system works (normally: p) and then you can resume your game whenever you want.
  • New planets have been added to increase the number of destinations and so add random events and new challenges.
  • Access to Steam Greenlight was added on the main screen of the game.

I think I made the rounds of all the new features (important). Hope to see you and get feedback from you on Alpha 1.1 !

Alpha 1.1 Download Page

Again thank you for your support and see you soon on Steam (hopefully: p)

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