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We're releasing a new Alpha Game-play video, revealing our new site re-design, and it's finally time for the first wave of Contagion play-testers.

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These last 2 months have been some of the busiest two months I've ever had to endure and for those that know me know that's quite an achievement. The same could be said for the rest of the team and it shows in our latest Contagion Alpha Game-play Video.

As I know the word "Alpha" may mean different things to viewers we'd like to describe what's being shown and what we've yet to reveal.

What you see-

  • New atmospheric shaders, lighting, and custom particle effects
  • New weapons and items in-game and some of their uses
  • Our multi-player in action with player controlled survivors and zombies as well as AI
  • and much more...

What you don't-

  • Our new rigging and animations
  • Updated AI
  • Weapon, Ammo, Item, and AI spawning system that can be influenced as the game is played
  • Each round on the same map is hardly the same
  • and much more...

We hope you keep this in mind as we have a lot going on we're not ready to show the public and this video does not represent the current state of the game. But we would very much like to share our new site re-design. We're still working on it but it's ready for public view so check it out!

While there is much we wish to keep to ourselves for the moment there will be a few exceptions because as promised we are now accepting applications for our first round of play-testers!

For those of you interested in being a Contagion play-tester please visit the following thread for more information - Contagion - PT Application Thread

While we would have liked to have paid more attention to this years "Indie of the Year 2011 Awards", we had an important deadline to meet and our team is now enjoying their Holidays (when they're not sneaking back in to finish up a piece) but there are still 2 days left to vote for the final voting phase!

If you like us believe we're a strong contender and think we have a chance to catch up, support us by following these directions and voting for Contagion-

  • Click on the image below
  • Scroll down to Upcoming Games of 2011
  • Click on First Person Shooter
  • Like the red bordered Vote in the image just click on vote next to "Contagion" to cast it for Phase Two (Remember, if you've already voted in Phase One. Phase Two is a clean slate so please vote again)

We would also like to mention that we currently have an opening for Environmental Concept Artist. If interested in applying please visit our Jobs Page to apply for the position.

Finally we'd like to wish you all a happy holidays and a happy new year! And with MOTY nearly over don't forget to visit our friends at NMRiH and show them your support before the timer runs out!


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DariusII - - 64 comments

looking great guys! My only suggestion is to move the guns closer to the player view. They look really small. Or you can try changing the viewmodel_fov. Other than that, it's looking awesome!

Will you guys have drivable vehicles? That's the one thing I thought would have been fun to have in L4D.

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

We're always looking for Ideas & Suggestions such as the above critiques but with news updating all the time we often lose track here. We'd love it if you would possibly post in our I&S thread on our forums at We're glad you like the rest!

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PierreOfTheFrench - - 320 comments

I rather like the smaller gun models, games these days seem to be really magnifying how they look, like you would run around with the gun right up to your face or when you use the iron-sights you use them as a scope putting them an inch from your eye, at least with pistols.

Anyway, it looks great, can't wait to see more!

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Spiffy664 - - 49 comments

looks extremely l4d esque - what will make it different?

I agree the guns look small and odd, the player models on the other hand look nice.

keep up the good work for a release!

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macacos2 - - 525 comments

I think the major visible difference is that you turn into a zombie upon death.

While it does sound pretty unique in the beginning, I can feel something weird on having yourself turn against your buddies and having to bring them down with you in what appears to be a coop game.

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

I can see how the current generation of gamers may confuse "AI zombies" with recent games like L4D and while we'd like to hold back on revealing too much about the game. What you currently see is our multi-player in action. It supports more players and more zombies, infection, play controlled zombies, numerous objectives and items that at times play the part of weapon but are vital to unlocking areas to proceed or access items that may benefit you and your team. There are so many more features and game-play elements that are in-game now and more to come that we feel avoid that annoying "feature creep" that seems to overwhelm many players in some games today that set it aside from any game currently available. Still, we're in alpha and expect to that over time we will have proven this with future updates and so hope you'll stick around to see it.

Also in regards to playing as zombie amongst zombies we've put a lot of time in resolving issues that this might pose. As for turning on your friends we believe Zombie Panic: Source's (the mod that inspired this game) incredible success over the last 4 year proves that this is definitely not a large issue. Most people once turned are quite happy to turn on their friends.

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xalener - - 1,605 comments

I guess you haven't played zombie panic.

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DariusII - - 64 comments

Guys, you gonna have a pre-order so people who pre-order can play the alpha? (ala Natural Selection2, Mimecraft, etc. )

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

If we were to release something showcasing off our awesome Engine we made ourselves or a sequel (rather than spiritual successor with significant differences) of ZPS for example a system like NS2 or Overgrowth might work with pre-orders leading to access to the current build and updates. Unfortunately we've got a lot we want to keep behind closed doors so when we do release it we can blow your minds and enjoy a unique experience and then we can drop another bomb. I'm not saying we won't do pre-orders in the future but for now we think you'll all appreciate the wait and so long as I can afford it out of my own pocket we'll try to keep it that way.

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[A]Doppler - - 242 comments


Sorry, are you stating that the Source engine, is your engine? If so, that's incredibly wrong as you would imagine I'm sure you just worded it wrong though.

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

If I gave that impression (which I honestly would be surprised anyone would think such a thing) I apologize. I was referring to NS2 and Overgrowth's ability to share the progression of their impressive Engines.

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Dieger - - 612 comments

when it gonna be released? is it a mod or a indie game looks epic either also you need to make the ai more aggressive

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

We do not currently have a release date but when we have one it'll be hard to miss and listed on our profile. It is an Indie game and not a mod. As for the AI I'm sure you'd feel differently if you had a chance to play but we're still in Alpha so the final product should feel just about right for most.

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jalex3 - - 57 comments

Really starting to look great

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SabreXT - - 296 comments

Looks great. I think the guns are fine. My only concern is that the humans are hard to tell appart from the zombies. Looking forward to this one though.

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