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A rundown of the latest features and game balance tweaks in the alpha 7 release of Torgar's Quest.

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Alpha 7 may very well be the last public alpha release of Torgar's Quest (unless I do one more with a few bug fixes). While it doesn't have many new in game features, a lot of stuff has changed behind the scenes since the last alpha. From game balance to a Mac build, see the full list of changes below.I was not happy with how alpha 7 ran in the HTML version, however, so for now, the browser edition of Torgar's Quest has been set aside, and focus will be on the desktop version from now on.If you would like to keep up with the continued development of Torgar's Quest, consider following the game here, or signing up for my monthly mailing list.

Changes and additions in alpha 7

  • Arrow-keys now supported for movement, and you can hold the keys down to continuously move in any direction.
  • Windowed mode now plays at 864x486, instead of 640x360.
  • New "pause" screen to quit a session, the game, or redraw the current level.
  • Floor tile graphics were changed for better scrolling effect.
  • Health bar, Crystals collected and other stats moved to a new HUD at the bottom of the screen.
  • Monsters hit harder at higher levels.
  • Monsters award more EXP at higher levels.
  • Store will not spawn if one spawned on the previous level.
  • Beasts drop more meat with higher levels.
  • Exploding crates deal more damage (esp. at higher levels).
  • Higher chance of finding something in a crate (incl. explosions).
  • Monster health gets a bonus at higher levels to compensate for player gear.
  • Slightly more EXP needed to level.
  • Dungeon level displayed on each load screen.
  • Slowly increase chance of crystal spawning, to avoid it never spawning at all.
  • Base chance for spawning in gear is sliiiigthly higher.
  • Base chance for spawning in a crystal increased by 0.2%.
  • Increased the base chance of scoring a critical hit by 2%.
  • Higher chance of weapon/armor and potion spawns at higher difficulty.
  • Lore can now only be found in broken crates.
  • Random seed check box moved to settings menu.
  • High scores are now shown on the win screen.
  • Updated backgrounds for the menu screens.
  • 2 more sound effects were added.
  • Countless bug fixes.

Known issues

  • Screenshots don't work on Mac.
  • No HTML 5 version.
  • Occasional weirdness has been observed.
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