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Alpha 0.5.9 released. Important features: Passive regen, most actions now require stamina as a resource, player status UI, bug fixes, new advancements, crops, produce, foods, spells, and modifiers.

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Alpha 0.5.9 released. Important features: Passive regen, most actions now require stamina as a resource, player status UI, bug fixes, new advancements, crops, produce, foods, spells, and modifiers.

IndieDB App of the Year

WOW! Lugdunon has made it to the top 50 mobile apps of 2013, and is therefore eligible for finalist voting on IndieDB! Please consider casting a vote in our direction for the 2013 AOTY.

Passive Regen

Passive regen has finally been implemented! This means that your characters will regenerate their health and stamina over time. The rate at which health and stamina are regenerated can be enhanced via advancements, equipment, and modifiers.

Regen Status Updating


Stamina now finally plays a role in the world of Lugdunon, and it is a fairly major role. The majority of the actions that your player can perform now require a certain amount of stamina. From crafting to combat to farming you will find yourself depleting your reserves of stamina.

Stamina Cost (Crafting Recipe)

Stamina Cost (Spell Use)

Stamina can be regained via passive regen, as well as consuming certain types of food, since food can now restore stamina as well as health.

Player Status UI

One feature that Lugdunon was sorely lacking up until now was the ability to easily monitor your health and stamina outside of the party unit frames. A new player status UI, that sits just above the action bar solves this problem. Comprised of a health bar on the left, a stamina bar on the right, and an ability charge bar in the middle, this new UI element should suffice.

Player Status Bars

The unit frame UI has also been updated to add a stamina bar in addition to the pre-existing health and charge bars.

Unit Frame Revisions

New Advancements

Two new advancements chains are available in 0.5.9, allowing players to enhance the rates at which they regenerate health and stamina. The chains each progress in three stages, offering +5, +10, and finally +20 to their respective regen rates.

New Advancements

New Crops and Produce

Three new crops are now available for cultivation: mustard, sage, and rosemary. New farmers will now start out with 32 seeds of all three in addition to their current starting inventory items.

New Crops

New Seeds and Produce

New Foods

The three new crops can be used to cook four new foods:

New Foods

Each of the new foods benefits stamina in some way.

New Spells and Modifiers

Two new spells, complete with scrolls and scroll research recipes, have also been added. These spells each bestow a helpful modifier, boosting a character’s maximum health and stamina for a short time.

New Spells and Modifiers


Capes now bestow a bonus to stamina regen when equipped.

Gray Cloak

Red Cloak

The server list now displays the server’s location as a country name, instead of the previously used country code.

Server Listing Update

The item crafted metric reporting code has been fixed so that the statistics pane of the achievements UI will render now. Each entry in the item crafted metric will display the crafting discipline icon to the left of the item name.

Audio assets are now loaded asynchronously. Since the music assets are some of the largest items loaded, this should reduce the initial load time a bit. Also, three new songs have been added!

To listen to each of the tracks in game, you can type the following commands into the chat console:

/ex game.playMusic("MUSIC.DULCIMER");
/ex game.playMusic("MUSIC.BACKGROUND.NOISE");
/ex game.playMusic("MUSIC.HOW.THEY.RUN");
/ex game.playMusic("MUSIC.RIP.TO.NORFOLK");
/ex game.playMusic("MUSIC.WUBWUBWUB");

Fixed a few issues with metrics reporting. Also, the time played and last played values are now updated in real time and are accurate.

A new REST service was added for listing the server’s player base, along with a few vitals:

The full change log for 0.5.9 is available here.

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