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This is the Alpha 0.5 test for Noble's Land. After downloading and unzipping the file, run NoblesLandLauncher.exe to play the game.

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Throughout the weekend Noble's Land Alpha 0.5 will be LIVE for testing. Head over to the Download section here and grab the client to join in.

Alpha 0.5 Night TwoSeasonal Content in Alpha 0.5

Over the next few days I will be releasing patches to fix any bugs players find, to tweak values, and to add new content. Saturday's patch will include a new full set of equipment, the Gold set, for players to collect. Sunday the Zinc set will be added. There is also some seasonal holiday content in the form of Santa Imposters which can be killed for healing Christmas Cookies or for a Santa Suit equipment set.

While playing press C to open your Character page of the journal and spend your available attribute points to become stronger. Every level you gain will add two more points to spend so be sure to go back and use them. Hold left shift and hover creatures with the cursor to target them for combat. To pick up items creatures drop left click and hold and drag the item onto your avatar. To use items in your backpack right click them.

There are also a few commands you can use while in game. The /time command will tell you the current time, /ping will show you your ping value in milliseconds, the /who command will show how many players are currently online, and the /coords command will show you your global coordinates. There is also two emotes which can be used, /lol and /bye.

Please report any bugs or suggestions you have after testing the game out. You can submit them as comments here on IndieDB or ModDB, you can post them on the homepage's forums, or email them directly to me. Thanks in advance for trying the game out, I hope you like what you see!

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