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Finally it's out the door: the Katarhsis alpha 0.1 demo. Get it, as long as it's still hot!

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Finally it's out the door: the Katarhsis alpha 0.1 demo. Get it, as long as it's still hot!

Katharsis alpha preview 0.1

Katharsis is a gothic novell stealth game about a Vampire on his way to enlightenment.
In this first sneak preview you can explore a mystical abbey in the mountains.
Enjoy the calming atmosphere and great graphics of this mystical place!

Also i am proud to announce collaboration with the OSFPS project:

You are very welcome to ask questions, give feedback and input here! :)

PS: QuakeC coders wanted! Interested? Drop a pm here on moddb.

Graphical Updates
Graphical UpdatesGraphical Updates

Recomended system specs:
3ghz Dualcore CPU
4gb Ram
HD59xx or GTX57x GPU with 1,5 gb of ram

Just extract the archive onto a place on your harddrive.

Default keybindings:
WASD or Arrows: Walk
Space or Mouse 2: Jump
Strg or Mouse 1: Shoot
9: activate ghostlight

There are several dev options on the numerical keypad:
KP_INS: Editlights Mode
KP_END: Show tris
KP_DOWNARROW: Toogle lightmaps
KP_PGDN: Show fps
KP_LEFTARROW: Toogle bw/colour rendering
KP_5: Toogle Vampire sight
KP_RIGHTARROW: shows date
KP_HOME: toogle alcohole mode
KP_UPARROW: lsd mode
KP_DEL: show name of texture within crosshair
KP_MINUS: capture video
KP_PLUS: zoom in
KP_ENTER: restart level
PAUSE: toogle bullettime
INS: spawn light if you are in editlights mode
DEL: delete light if you are in editlights mode

To start the game please use the katharsis.bat which is in the same folder as darkplaces.exe, or create a shortcut to darkplaces.exe with the parameter "-game darkrevelations".
If you start darkplaces.exe directly you will end up inside OpenQuartz.
In the main menu, simply start a new singleplayer name, or go into the console via pressing ESC inside the menu, then type map start and press Enter.
To access the console inside the game, press ^.

To edit any settings please edit the autoexec.cfg inside the /darkrevelations folder, it also includes descriptions for the contained settings.

At this state this game is heavily commandline dependent, f or documentation on commandline/cfg parameters take a look in the /docs folder inside of X:/installpath/katharsis/darkrevlations folder.


The content inside the /darkrevelations folder is done by Robin "grabeskuehle" Pengelstorfer aka DrWakey (me) and is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0).

See for further informations.

Please inform me if you like to use this content for your project, and be sure to mention me as creator!
No commercial use!

The content of the ID1 folder is the OpenQuartz project and available under GPL.

The engine used is DarkPlaces by Forest "LordHavoc" Hale, also available under GPL.

This program is in alpha stage.
You are using it on your own risk.
I am not responsible or any damage thagt might occur!


Performance very bad on my PC when looking to the center of the room where the tree and the water is. Literally 5 fps's or less.

System - Radeon HD5770x2 , corei7 860 2.8GHz, 8Gb DDR3 dual channel NBF 2407.5MHz, ASUSTeK P7P55 WS , SoundBlaster Audigy 4, Win7 X64
Driver - Catalyst 14.4, w/stock settings.
Sreen res - 1920*1080

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grabeskuehle Author

Thanks for the feedback, i will help you as good as possible!

I suspect Crossfire to be responsible or the bad performance, else your machine should run it just fine!

Please try this and tell me if it helped:

Best Greetings

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Hum, Thanks for the suggestion but even with crossfire disabled performance is still very bad, do you have a Nvidia GPU, what is your fps's when looking to the center of the room? It could certainly be a combination of an AMD OpengL driver problem with your game, plus the fact that you have, imo, to many shadow casting lights, visible at the same time when we look to the center of the room, i counted a total of 6 that is overkill, for example when i look to the corners where you have a single light, performance jumps considerably from 8 fps's to more than 40 fps's. Please don't take this wrong but you should not have more than 4 shadow casting lights visible per frame, you should also be careful with overlapping light volumes, i know this because i'm modding the idtech 4 engine and this engine is very similar, if you enable the r_showoverdraw command and look to the center you will see what i mean.

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By browsing the forum link that you gave me for AMD and darkplaces problems something came to my attention, it seems the water maybe the culprit here, in the forum they say the "pretty water" on darkplaces rapes AMD cards. And you have a small water pool in the exact place that is causing the extremely bad performance for me.

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grabeskuehle Author

Interesting, you can test that by opening the console with ^ (~ on US keyboards) and typing in r_water 0.
That turns of pretty water.

If that doesnt help, you can also try to replace the Darkplaces Engine by the latest stable release, as i used a development or this release:

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sorry for the extremely late reply but i was very busy and then forgot about this, did what you said and the performance jump was considerable so yes the "pretty water" is to blame here.

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You should create a thread for this mod at the QuakeOne forums, a lot of people there use the DP engine and they might be able to give you more feedback running your alpha with different hardware.
'' ->

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grabeskuehle Author

Thanks or the tip Sock, will definitely do that! :)

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