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See this to gain the knowledge of who we are allied with, and who we are against.

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Jedi Order
The Republic
The Old Republic
The Imperial Remnant
The Elders
The Rakatan Infinite Empire
The Force
Bounty Hunters

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The Yuuzhan Vong
Hutt Cartel



----------------------------- ------------------------------

AK151 - - 5,600 comments

Basically, you just cancelled out everything because the Alliance Against the Vong is composed of EVERY EXISTING STAR WARS FACTION GROUP.

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JTS12 Author
JTS12 - - 179 comments

I didn't know that

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Ten10dix - - 6,421 comments

The Sith have made no offical declaration of War on this group yet you mark us as enemys? If you wish to be our enemys then you may duel me and we shall see who wins. I assure you, it shall not be you. I suggest taking the Sith Empire off of the Enemys list or I shall suggest to the Sith Council and the Dark Lord himself to answer this with force. I shall personaly lead the attack on your territorys. As I said, remove the Sith from the enemys list or feel our wrath.

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