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These are all the weapons that sam can find and use during this bogus encounter.

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The definite list of weapons has finally landed, a couple days ago we put down the last pixel on the sledgehammer, which is the last weapon that will be produced for this game before shipping.

Here's some pixels for you!

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I hope you recognize some of these, cause there are more than one homage to older games here. The weapons that are from Sams bigger adventures spans from his First Encounter, via the Second game and then the Sledgehammer that can be used with haste in Serious Sam 2, these are also the weapons that you will use the most.

We have a couple other weapons that we made, like the BFG and a strange Voodoo Doll, but I think we need to need to kick those over to later patching. Level Design can actually suffer from too many items =)

Nichelo - - 14 comments

oh god.... bfg, flak cannon, that weird electric chainsaw fork from quake... also the glorious sledge hammer and the serius cannon...
when is this comming to steam?!
serius sam double D by mommypiewhatever studios was cool... but this... this is the real indie game of serius sam!!

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