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Alive Bars mod is a big modification for Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven. Current version - 28.14. The final version - 30.0 (in development).

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Short description of the previous 150 series First of all, we run to Salieri's garage, grab the tompson (the compass will point to it), and help the guys to wet two of the Sea lions, that they ripped your precious taxi back in the second mission, when Tommy decided to have a drink on his head! What to do next? You can go to the Don, to Vincenzo or to Ralphy to fix the wheelbarrow (we approach him close, ask about it, sit in a wheelbarrow - and Ralph repairs if the car is nearby , if far away - he hints about it). Or get some assignment by taking Paulie on the job. On the way, look in the bar "Italian Garden" or a bar from that very Intro-roller, get a side task there. As soon as you destroy Morello (the Don Morallo), Tommy will become "bad", and someone will deprive him, and at the same time Poli, all the money and weapons he has earned (so that life does not seem raspberry) I'll have to track down the prankster Tomorrow - he will be at the Villa Morello (devotee as a dog, even if you have already dealt with Morello, you will still be punched with fists against Tommy as soon as he shoots all the cartridges in his Thompson). Also, if you want, you can also look to the Yellow Pete, Salieri's garage, to fix a small need in the Morello bar (the Morello bonus is a cut for Tommy, Paulie and Sam). Total fashion is open 6 locations - there you can look.

In the Morello bar, you can still do something ... But be careful, around the bench of Pete some overgrown people have settled, for them you will get money, if you do not die. Somewhere on the road you will meet the prosecutor with his driver - do not miss them. If the prosecutor gets bored of just sitting in his car, he can get out of it and run to the showdown with Salieri!

Look and Lucas - and Tommy will have to be poboxed with the Great Wall. After the fight, Tommy may go to get a new car, which was advised by Bertone (Lucas's location immediately speaks, because they are old friends with Tommy and he trusts him, since he believes that Tommy will not throw him). This machine is under the supervision of one guard, so be vigilant. Easter eggs: if you kill the Big Stan after Tommy says the phrase "I'll look in there and see if it's properly parked," then the car might turn out to be old Sam, in the back seat If it does not turn out - or the poor fellow did not run or took the stomach along the way, or met the enemy on the way :) If you kill the big Stan before the sentence, you will not get a new car ... As soon as Tommy completes a certain number of tasks, Paul will say that it has come The time of a little hack. We'll have to plunder the bank, just look to see Poli just do not get hooked, he's crawling under the bullets of shotguns, the fucking hero!

As for the weapons ... Kalash can be taken unnoticed from the overgrown from Hoboken, as they look the other way, and although they have a good reaction, they are still dumb-eyed (that's the rabid grandmothers in the countryside are really wild!), So that You can quietly, without shooting, drive up to the bench of Yellow Pete. Or come back, from Hoboken. The machine costs 10.000 bucks - more expensive than usual, because it is a bit modified + in the usual freeride there is no such weapon, a rarity after all, and the sight is attached (at a distance it is very convenient for those overgrown to wet, of course, if one of them is not up to you Will be able to run faster).

You can also take weapons from members of gangs. Many have trimmings and pimps. And Lucas Burton bargains with the weapon, it is only his call to repair the car from the house of Tom. Yes, only from one place, and not from a pile of booths, because Luke can come and repair Tom's car in a friendly way, he's not a hogby in the whole city to drive around (The new version will have different pretzels.)

Around the police station, an old acquaintance is walking, which, if necessary, will help remove the cops from the "tail". The service is not free, it costs 10,000 bucks, but on the other hand, do you need to earn honestly earned money for our mafioso somewhere?

For help, take and gangsters from the traffic - whistle, just do not miss, and then some carrier for this money will give in to her tarantay, which is also not bad. If the gangsters are not called, it means, most likely, they are in a traffic jam. Try to whistle again as soon as they move, but do not go too far. You can call a taxi from the traffic to the additional whistle button.

Try to open different doors, not only plot or mission, but also the most unexpected ones - all of a sudden what will you hear? If not - do not worry, after this or that mission is completed, this very door can open ... In the Salieri bar you can skip a glass (a firm pivas from Luigi, from which Tommy wants to run as Quick Gonzalez), smoke a cigarette (Ministry of Health warns: Tommy will become It's bad because Don's cigars are not good, but the health of Paulie, Sam, Ralph, Lucas and Sarah will be restored), talk with Frank, who is playing billiards with an intelligent person, listen to music, Ralphy can fix Tom's tarrantay for free (just sit in it , To Where he will repair). In the night freeride, Frank will say his touching speech - listen to her.

About the car of the jealous wife that stands in Little Italy, and she waits for the hubby in the alley near the Salieri bar. To enjoy a ride on the red (someone pink) convertible, press the spacebar (the key - HANDBRAKE, handbrake). But first, follow the lady - you can sit in her car (in this case I recommend getting medical treatment with the help of the first aid kit from the hospital), then it will give you gas and show the wonders of women's driving Or on your own, and keep to the distance - then she will go more carefully if you do not get too close to her, and then Madame will think that the dude is watching her, and will try to break away from you :) And now A little more detail about everything ...

Bodyguards. If bodyguards die - DO NOT re-call them. So all the same, take care of them. Also, Paulie and Sam can die from the insane Negro tram driver! Remember. If you beat many times or accidentally get into a gunfight through the gangsters you summoned from auto traffic, they can not stand it and ask you to pepper by turning their guns against their employer - Tommy, that is you If one of the bodyguards dies and gives a second to the muzzle - the second one can take offense and give change, and then Tommy is not happy. If both bodyguards die, Tommy will not be able to summon any more bodyguards, but will receive a small monetary reward (maybe a benefit?). If Poli, Sam and Salieri die, the end of the game. One family after all.

Sarah. Sarah Tom is giving the assignment. To her in the car it's better not to pop: it will explode! She does not like this, and she also sho It is better to follow her on another machine, and, if necessary, help her deal with one sub. She can also help Norman. Detective Norman once per game can Tommy in friendship throw off the tail of the cops. Sarah, having dealt with Carlo, if he is still alive, will go to deal with the second subchiki in a black tuxedo. She is also a wife of the Mafioso. The truth of the second can also be dunked by Lucas, if he meets him, or if the type in a black dress coat does not sooth Luka himself ...

Lucas Bertone. Lucas Bertone can be called to repair the car of Tom, if there is one, to the house in Oakwood, it's worth only waiting a little. You can call Luka for repairs from the same place from which we are saved in the Great Walk (Extreme).

Used car salesman in Chinatown. A man in Chinatown is a used car salesman. He can buy any car from Tommy. To buy from him - you need to sit in any of the three red wheelbarrows and press the space (handbrake) for purchase. Otherwise, there will be protection from freeloaders, albeit expensive, but effective - the self-destruction of the wheelbarrow To buy a car, just press up to the winning one (the script does not work right away), unless you want to undermine Tommy, but you want to buy the car you like :) (The script is finalized, now it works as it should.) All cars cost from $ 50,000 and above - a little expensive , But they are exclusive, forced and armored! To sell him any car, you need to bring his car to him, so that her grandfather saw and noticed (a distance of several game meters from him) and talk to him. If there is a wheelbarrow next to which Tommy should BUY from him, the grandfather will hint Tommy about this, saying the wheelbarrow is not for sale, but for purchase. Also this fat man will protect Tommy as a very important client at any risk. Even die in an unequal battle ...

Calling a taxi. The taxi driver happens, at times, more sane and drives quite tolerably, and it is as if Ashot with a Moscow residence permit, hanging on his old "Six" :) Taxi takes Tommy to random places: for example, a house in Oakwood, a theater on the Central Island, a museum or bar Salieri. If the taxi is chasing - his driving style will be more aggressive, he will reach the trunk and begin to protect such an important client as Tommy! Up to the destination, he still reaches. If absolutely it will not be clamped by enemies ... The taxi is called on an additional whistle key (so that the call of the brothers is different). Attention! Bodyguards are called to the whistle's key (to call a taxi or gangster "Falconer", the car must move, not stop), taxi - the key of an additional whistle.

Car repairs. Ralph is repairing the car. It is only necessary to drive a wheelbarrow a short distance from him and ask Ralphie. Ralph will kick up the leg and is so uninformed, but in a funny way my friend will fix our car :) If the car does not, Ralph will hint at it.

Dynamite. After completing the task of laying the explosives Tommy expects a surprise in the garage of the house (or next to the house) in Oakwood. Some guy with a "rose" will attack Tommy ... This is the last, loyal Morello, Gopnik, who will avenge the murder of the boss. So be careful with it! Dynamite can be bought from Yellow Pete (available after a mini-task at Vincenzo on laying explosives at the Milenki mansion in Oakwood). The foreground I advise not to block the wheelbarrows for a better view. Also dynamite can be periodically taken from Vincenzo - for free. Activating dynamite is an additional squeeze key. In Vincenzo, you can take and other firearms. To do this, you only need to talk to him. Now many times per game.

Health recovery. Restoration of health will be with Tommy, if one day use a medicine cabinet at the hospital. Tom's health will begin to recover, but neochen quickly - yet quite a useful function. Especially in hard skirmishes.

Mission to rob a bank and race around the city. The bank robbery mission will be available only after the murder:
- the Morello gangs (actually Morello Sr. and Sergio, not to be confused with the mission of Salieri, when it will be necessary to interrupt all their guard in the silver limousine, two guards at the villa and one peasant with a "rose" at Tom's house in Oakwood);
- The prosecutor;
- an adviser in a dark blue suit;
- the manager of the hotel Corleone in a white suit (he will sit in the bar of Morello and drink "Martini", if you take the job from Frank);
- the mayor (or politician) who will appear on a small island if to take the task of the killer on the Central island;
- as well as dudes in bright suits, traveling on the very red "Ford Thunderbird" .
That is, only 8 people! After that, Poli hints that he wants a little "hack" for dinner, and Tommy will not be able to refuse

So, after a little advice from Paulie in Tom's house you will find yourself in a new gig and have to go to the bank to grab a valuable cargo guarded by two policemen. After a successful mission to rob the bank, the compass will point to the venue for the race throughout the city, sponsored by our beloved Don Salieri!

The grab of the Morello bar. You can scare the bartender at the Morello bar, just by shooting alongside or into it. But the bartender that turns out to be not a few dozen - will get his pump Type fishechka a la racket as in "Godfather". To capture the same bar, complete the task from Frank's antiquity, then clean the Morello bar from all the Sea lionists, install the explosives and admire the big explosion of the family competitor's bar. Then go on other business. After a while, you can return to the Morello bar. There will be a small explosion. This Paulie tried :) If the explosion was not, then the friendship has not yet had time to contribute to the common cause, laying the explosives on its own behalf. Or someone from the Sea of ​​Galilee survived in the bar ... So, after a small explosion, already arranged by the old Poli, go about your business again, and after a while the thank you note from Don Salieri will notify Tommy that the Morello bar was seized by the Salieri family, And Tommy will get a round sum at his own expense! Everything, go back to the Salieri bar - there Tommy will be able to discover the guys Salieri, who will protect him from all radishes! Also in the former bar, Morello Tommy can "roll", talking with the new bartender, who pours tired lover cool Austrian beer!

Secrets and tricks:
- There is a small secret with the door at the railway station in the Working Quarter. After all, not one Tommy can install dynamite, right? This secret will be available to Tom after completing an additional task from Salieri (or Vincenzo), when they show the video in the Vincenzo comforter and will need to come to Oakwood and punish the traitor by blowing up his car. As soon as Tommy activates the secret near the door at the railway station, it will be shown how someone, having laid the explosives first in the Morello bar, and then in the Salieri bar, safely faded, forcing you to look at the powerful explosions of two bars in the city.

- In the New Arch near the bar Morello an accident occurred - go and see for yourself :)

- On a small island in Oakwood there will be a small concert specially for Tom's antiquity. We advise you to visit. The guard will take Tommy for the entrance and all the weapons for the safety of the singer. After the concert, you can follow him and his object, where they will go.

- Cows ran away from the village from the farmer. Just to revive the landscape. I do not advise you to kill - let them run around

- Behind the aunt in the gateway of Little Italy it will be interesting, perhaps, to trace someone. The truth is better to get into her car, having previously visited the medicine cabinet at the hospital.

- At the stadium in Hoboken, you can visit a kind of football match (or "battle" of beautiful-hefty athletes, whoever like it). A ticket to it can be obtained from a peasant who stands and knocks at the door in the Working Quarter. Attention! The main thing is not to get to the hospital on the way to the stadium, otherwise the orderlies with the weapon and ticket will withdraw :) At that stadium there is also a second man who sells second-hand weapons that do not like the products of competitors, so he sells his guns but throws them off Tommy's inventory even strangers. So before talking with him, it's better to throw all the expensive weapons out of the lining of the jacket, otherwise he'll throw it off. The weapon costs 10.000 bucks.

- In the night freeride you can participate in one race. Start at the tram depot in Chinatown. To participate, you need to approach the rider and talk to him. On Tommy's account there must be an amount of at least $ 50,000 and a wheelbarrow suitable for the race.

- In the countryside there is a shooting gallery. Directly on the roof of the shed, which is located near the exit from the city from the side of New Arch-Hoboken. How to get on the roof of a barn is your problem. The shoot will need to be a revolver Smith-n-Wesson 27 and Colt 1911. The award is a small red hot rod that will appear next. Goals - guys, imposing beats. Attention! Until you shoot at the dash, you'll walk or drive empty through the countryside, as Tommy will throw off all the weapons in a nervous trembling. But the bodyguards - Paulie and the man at the sawmill - will help Tommy survive the city. For Paulie will drive Sam in the car with the brothers for safety. Always.

- Throughout the countryside, diamonds are scattered. Try to find them. Yes, and beware of aggressive cops and detectives on three police cars!

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