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Progress on porting to the new engine, Alien Swarm and Mod of the Year.

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Alien Swarm

We've decided to move the mod to a better and more up to date engine, Alien Swarm. The reason why we decided this is because of the benefits we can achieve:

  • Lightweight dependency (only Alien Swarm is needed and that's it)
  • It's completely free for all Steam users (though Vampire: Bloodlines is still required) - you don't need to own Half-Life 2
  • Stable engine and code branch
  • Updated authoring / SDK tools - new features for Hammer, such as instancing
  • Support for addons (VPK format)

Overall, it's going to be a win for everyone. Though it will still require people to actually download Alien Swarm before they can use Resurgence, they will no longer need to own Half-Life 2 at all.Only Vampire: Bloodlines will be required, making the Resurgence available to more people. The mod will be provided with an installer, which will need the original game to install the game files from the original game for the mod. The installer will only patch the necesarry files and update them when needed.


We're currently working on a port, which intends to port the Half-Life 2 code functions to Alien Swarm, to achieve the same results found in Half-Life 2, such as proper first person mode with viewmodel, legacy VGUI support, and so on. After that we will continue working on the rest of the entities. One of the entities we've started working on is the prop_hacking. For now, it's not as fancy as in the original game, since it's just a mere prototype, but it does it's job: it reads and parses the files used by the computers. More will come after the port to Alien Swarm is done. On the other hand, I've been on hold with the maps for some time, maily because of Alien Swarm engine port. There are some features available in Alien Swarm's Hammer, which is essential for my intension, which means I have to wait until it's done, else I won't be able to use them in the older version of the Source engine. Having many engine branches and different project forks isn't something great and that is what I'm trying to stay away from. No new contents for now guys, sorry. But there will be once the engine port is done.

Mod of the Year

ModDB's Mod of the Year is started already! Everyone been waiting for this moment, so here's your chance for voting for your favorite mod. If you enjoyed playing the original Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines, and you like the project's goal, of remaking the original game into a newer engine, bug fixes and with a whole bunch of new features (which will be included soon), please vote for Bloodlines Resurgence. This way we can be a bit known, to that the fans can get to the mod, if it reaches the Top 100 phase.

Developers Needed

If you are an experienced programmer, or you've been working on Source programming before, please send us an email to either me or Daedalus, or you can also post a thread in our forum (including PM).
If you aren't a programmer, but you have experience in other part of Source modding, you can freely drop by our forum, or even at our IRC channel.

P.S. If everything goes well, we have a small secret for you, the community!

Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments

Good, I was hoping you'd do that, the latest & greatest. Man I wish I had the dedication, willpower, and brains to be a Developer, but I don't. To much TV & Junkfood have rotted my fragile mind.

Good luck, MoTY is kinda a no way deal though lol, but I voted.

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atrblizzard Author
atrblizzard - - 38 comments

It's best to use one engine which doesn't gets too many changes and being the latest at the same time. And plus, it's a win for everyone.
About the MoTY, maybe next year. when we make some huge progress. Until then, work work work. :P

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thedeepkiss - - 5 comments

Good luck guys!

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Hidraga - - 201 comments

Nice, thats good. :)

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SoniMax - - 157 comments

keep it up

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