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We'd like to introduce you the Elementals you can use on Alchemic Jousts, their abilities and the strategical decisions they provide. (Part 1)

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We'd like to introduce you the Elementals you can use on Alchemic Jousts, their abilities and the strategical decisions they provide. The Elementals will usually spawn on your base and walk to the enemy base, but all of them have different properties

Basic Elementals


Air Elemental is the only basic Elemental with the ability to fly, so that will give it a chance to skip all the enemy defenses on the ground and reach the enemy Tower, or it can also be used to control the enemy flying elementals while attacking with your other Elementals at the ground level.




Water, Fire and Earth elementals can all capture Zones, which is really important in this game, as you can only use certain abilities in Zones you control, so having ground control will increase the amount of them you can use while reducing the enemy ones. Once in control of a Zone, you could cast a Mountain on it to increase the amount of Earth points you generate every second, or cast snow to greatly reduce the movement speed of all the ground enemy Elementals in that Zone, giving you more time to send the best defense against them.

Water will always beat Fire, Fire will beat Earth, and Earth will beat Water, so casting the correct Elemental to counter the enemy Elementals incoming is vital.

Double Elementals


Today we are only showing one of the Double Elementals the game has, the Steam Elemental. It's a very useful Elemental, as it will beat any Basic Elemental it faces, no matter which one it is. After it's first combat it will turn into a Water Elemental, so you can use it as an emergency button to stop an incoming enemy Elemental, and also as an offensive force against other enemy Fire Elementals on the field.

Special Elementals


Sand Elemental is our first Special Elementals, which are Elementals with very powerful abilities. Sand Elemental is very fragile in combat, it will lose against any enemy Elemental, but if you are able to protect it, it can be extremely valuable as it will capture double the amount of Zone points compared to other Elementals, helping you control of the field, and more important, it will make double damage to the enemy Tower if you manage to help it reach it.

See them in action


No matter how many Fire Elementals you send against a Water one, Water will always beat Fire.


Water Elemental is going to lose against Earth Elemental, so casting Ghost on it will make it avoid that combat and keep it on the field, walking to the enemy Tower.


Finally, 2 identical Elementals would usually result in both being death, but casting a Shield in one of them will keep it on the field adding pressure to that lane.

Hope you liked it, more Elementals coming soon!

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