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The IndieCade demo has finally been completed!!! This slice of my game is completely playable, without glitches or game breaks (I hope). I will add a few more rooms and stuff to add to the experience and life of the building. The key thing is to make the mansion feel real and built for a purpose -- not just for this game.

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The first draft of my IndieCade Demo is complete!

There are a few minor things that I want to add just to enhance the experience before next Wednesday but it is playable and it's good. Since I last posted an update I:

- Fixed text boxes that weren't in the correct format
- Fixed conditional branches that were not working
- Added many additional rooms to add realism and life to the building
- Fixed events so you could go back and re-explore parts of the building without breaking the game

So what do I do now? I need to draw a few things for the game and could edit a few selections of dialogue. I will make some more rooms for the mansion to give it a greater sense of exploration and work on the Search Point System so that the player will earn more Search Points for uncovering these areas.


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