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Its back things happens, and stuff cause things to change to stuff

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standard human behavior grown of a lack of appreciation turned to hatred

I refuse to apologise for my actions, with the crap rife in the industry these days its hard to carry on and at such a faceless and ā€¯throw you under a bus attitude"

One day maybe DNE wordl will expand if I get the urge, its hard fruitless work and driven by love, I'd personally rather a team of mappers and tighter production schedule

I do have a love for games, but not where they are headed right now.

BTW shoutout to Legend of Grimrock team, LoG2 really captures the 90s in a lands of lore way, also

Also be the better man and revert your shit listing ratings, i was and reinstated the download in a more refined easy to use package.

Predalienator - - 1,327 comments

Hello, welcome back :D

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DanM Author
DanM - - 74 comments

Would be nice to get back to on build its an amazing engine with latest advancement to make work with geometry nevr seen before, another 4 hour die hard, i dont think its quantity but quality of location and escalation, and experience short but sweet but with enough varied gameplay to break up the monotony you wont forgot about it.

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dumpydoodaa - - 1,141 comments

Just do your good work and ignore the flaming weirdos :)
Lots of us gamers out here appreciate the good stuff.

You might not always hear them ,but they are here.

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WillIsBlack - - 657 comments

You're either an idiot or another ******* fantard, if you really want to know why so many started "flaming him" (including me) then check his posts and comments.

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