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Showcasing some of the new model work for the Agionist Holy Orders!

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Did I say tomorrow in my last post? Well it'll be a little while longer, as we're still ironing out some details before saying anything more, but as a gift I've come with some beautiful artwork to show off. We recently gained two new modelers on our a team, Ascalon and ADamnSexyName. If those names sound familiar, you might've heard of them from Ascalon's Anachronisms for Crusader Kings 3, which you can download now and get a sneak peek at some of the beautiful assets we're working on getting implemented for Godherja. And if you're a fan of Bannerlord, you might have seen some of ADamnSexyName's work on Swadian and Vaegir Armors, but if not, you can take a look right here! Not only has he given us full access to his assets, but in a single day produced a most impeccable piece for our Agionist Holy Orders.

Agionist Helmet Draft

This is just one variant, of two textures, of the multiple variants and textures that you'll see from the Agionists, and if you want a peek at what to expect, take a look at the art below.

Sarradon Artwork

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