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The replacement animal for Guanlong has arrived, the smallest Ornithischian in AOG, Agilisaurus louderbacki!

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Species: A.louderbacki

Animal Class: Small

Standard Containment Procedures:

Flocks of up to twelve (12) A.louderbacki individuals are to be kept within containment pens feature a minimum floor area of one thousand (1000) square meters with fencing in these containment pens to be of ‘low’ classification, however due to the teeth possessed by A.louderbacki it is advised that rope fencing is not utilised in the creation of containment areas for A.louderbacki. Fencing is to be checked weekly by maintenance staff to ensure no breaches of containment are possible.

A.louderbacki containment areas are to be a mix of wooded marshland and open woodland with the marshland areas to feature at least one (1) slow flowing body of water with active populations of freshwater fish, small to medium sized fresh water crustaceans and waterborne foliage to provide for the full dietary needs of A.louderbacki individuals in containment. The substrate in the ‘marsh’ sections of H.taibaii containment pens should consist primarily of soft soils with harder substrates making up the more forested areas away from the marsh sections of a containment pen. A.louderbacki individuals are to be fed four hundred grams of dry plant matter mixed with fruit daily.

Recall procedures for A.louderbacki individuals follow standard Class D Ornithischian Containment Procedures. Usage of lethal force is strictly prohibited due to the overall lack of threat A.louderbacki individuals present to park patrons and staff, however, due to the potential to deliver severe bite wounds issuing of both tranquilizer rifles and net guns is fully authorised and does not require the consent of the board of directors for usage in recontainment of A.louderbacki. These means of recontainment are only recommended if A.louderbacki individuals that have breached containment are presenting an active threat to patrons and staff.

History & Description:

A.louderbacki is currently one of the smallest known Dinosaurs available on the market from the Dashanpu formation standing at a mere one hundred and seventy (170) centimetres in length in a straight line and weighing in at a meagre twelve kilograms (12kg) without accounting for the minimal mass the feathers add to it. A.louderbacki visually is similar to most other small Ornithischians, sharing the standard body plan of short neck, long tail and long legs; however where A.louderbacki stands out is its skull featuring a mouth full of fairly sharp teeth the longest of which appear on A.louderbacki’s jaw just before its beak starts. Another feature of A.louderbacki’s skull that helps it stand out is a pair of large brow ridges giving the animal an ‘angry’ appearance from the majority of angles, it is currently unknown as to why A.louderbacki features these ridges however the most prevalent modern theory is that it aided in protecting the animals eyes when moving through denser foliage.

Behaviourally A.louderbacki is what could be considered a ‘scrappy’ animal and is quick to resort to violence with other A.louderbacki. However, despite how violent they appear to be, these fights end with neither animal having been injured, just mildly shaken up. As a result of this, staff who are assigned to A.louderbacki containment areas are to be sent in with padded clothing so as to keep them protected from outbursts of violence from A.louderbacki individuals. A more positive side of these outbursts has been giving A.louderbacki a high amount of popularity for an animal with a one star rating with it becoming a household name with a reputation similar to that of the modern Tasmanian Devil.

In the private Dinosaur Trade A.louderbacki is quite a common feature as a companion animal for H.taibaii and other Dashanpu herbivores in general. However with this commonality and A.louderbacki’s aggressive tendencies has come the illegal sport of ‘Agili Fighting’, a practice similar to Cock Fighting with it having similar punishments to Cock Fighting such as a twenty five thousand United States Dollar fine ($25000) and a potential 3 year jail sentence in the United States.


Beautiful work! 😻

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Excellent job!

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