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Age of the Four Clans has officially released Beta 2.0 on a brand new server!

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Age of the Four Clans Dinosaur MMO

Age of the Four Clans (A4C) from EVOLV Studios is proud to announce the official release of its long-awaited Beta 2.0.

After trials involving lack of server support, the classically styled 2D Dinosaur MMO has found a permanent home on the servers of the people working on the game's engine, Intersect Hosting Solutions. Uptime is at 99% and the game has never been faster! All players, old and new, are invited to come check out the expanding world of Pangaea!

New features include:

  • Iza'Nagi and Tethys Ports Open! Explore the city hubs and surrounding volcanic areas of Iza'Nagi, home of the Bloodfuries! Travel to Tethys, where the forests and the mysterious Spectre clan await!
  • Branched Class System! Level up to 25 and quest to become one of nine new 2nd tier classes! Master the path of your current clan and learn extremely powerful spells and abilities, or branch into a secondary clan to gain access to their specializations.
  • New Spells and Abilities! Trainers in each city are equipped to offer new skills, new spells and abilities to train in every class!
  • More Quests! Explore the story of A4C as you quest throughout the world of Pangaea! Unlock hidden content and special rewards for doing good deeds (and bad)!
  • More Shop Items! Apothecaries are stocking new equipment and items never available before!
  • Updated Chat Channels, Friend List and Social Features! Now you can talk with other players on the main chat line or friends-only lines. Add other players to your friends list and adventure together!
  • Epic Boss Battles and Boss Rush Arenas! Some quests now lead to Boss battles! Test your skill against these mighty foes in combat, and for more fun and epic rewards, challenge them again in the Arenas!
  • Multi-Character Support and New Character Creation Options! You now have the ability to create multiple characters (up to 6) under the same account. Additionally, we've given you several new character customization options in the character creation screen!

Join us at and give A4C a go!


Age of the Four Clans Dinosaur MMO

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Age of the Four Clans Dinosaur MMO

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